<MWA> Losing Grip

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Facts about this song:
*Took me about 10 hours to make
*software used: reason 4
*Drums are from reason drum kits refill
*hardware used: Yamaha USB audiogram 6(soundcard), Roland FP-7 (keyboard),
*This song contains quite a lot of glitch sounds
*The creator of this song (me :P) would appericiate if you would vote and review if you have some time :)

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Review time!

Your message sat in my inbox for at least a month longer than it should have. But here I am, with a review heading your way! (My reviews take forever to write, which is why it takes me forever to get around to writing them...)


Initial comments: oooh! I like the glitch effects. They're very well done, and you're making me want to try some of it myself. That, and this song seems to be perfect for my crappy laptop speakers (my nice headphones shorted out :/ ). The feel of the piece just seems to work even on the low-quality speakers. I like that.

Flow: Beautiful. You even made the ending coherent! I'm so proud of you! ;P It was great, and I have nothing else to tell you here.

Balance: Not bad at all. as always you seem to display a proficiency with getting things to balance out just right. You're obviously not even half as lazy about it as I am... I just wish I had headphones so I could get nice and picky about this.

Themes: Really great. They leave only one thing to be desired - and it's something that I've commented on in my reviews of your other pieces. It doesn't have anything that makes it stand out from the crowd. Listening to it, I can't see any clear "high point" or "climax" of the piece. It's an awesome song, but I can almost guarantee that I won't remember what it sounds like in a week. It just needs a clear melody somewhere in there, something that sounds different from the rest of the piece, even if it's just for a few bars...

Effects: Brilliant. 'Nuff said.

Extra: +[ 0.02 ] - Just for the effects. They were that well done.


Flow ------[ 2.470 / 2.475 ]
Balance --[ 2.465 / 2.475 ]
Themes -[ 2.250 / 2.475 ]
Effects ---[ 2.475 / 2.475 ]
Extra ------[ 0.020 / 0.100 ]
TOTAL ---[ 9.680 / 10.000 ]

Review score --[ 10 / 10 ]
Vote score -----[ 5 / 5 ]

Great stuff, MWA! Power to you!

- [OS]

mjattie responds:

"(My reviews take forever to write, which is why it takes me forever to get around to writing them...)"

lol, as I mentioned before: you don't have to write that long reviews xD, although I appreciate it!

my respons on your review, sorted on subject:
Initial comment: It's a shame you listened on bad speakers. You don't hear bass which is important in almost every piece. But I'm glad it sounded nice to you.
Flow: Thanks for the almost perfect score here xD
Balance: well, I don't master so much, but I listen very carefully to every instrument I make. I guess that makes the difference, but I'm very lazy too...
Themes: Hmm, you're right about not-having melodies, but I think in this kind of music, a melody is not necessary. I think I have to stick out with sound design in this kind of music...
Extra: Thanks! :P

Thanks for the review, I appreciate!

MissingNo. Anyone?

I personally really loved it. It reminded me of a glitched remix of like a song in Pokemon Diamond or something, and I totally love that soundtrack. Loved it, downloaded. <3 Keep it up. <3

mjattie responds:

olol pokémon... The good old times :)


It seemed lacking.

It was good, don't get me wrong, it just didn't take off for me. True, it is ambient, which is supposed to be softer, but it always alluded to a feel that it would just get faster, or louder. It never did, and left me feeling overall empty, and incomplete.

Still, I like the slight strike of the symbols that are throughout the entirety of the song, it is what really saved the song, and probably brought about that feeling that it was supposed to be building up to something.

Regardless, it was a good listen, despite my feelings of incompletion, and overall I still give it a 4/5.

Well done, hope to hear more from you soon, buddy.

mjattie responds:

hmmm... I don't know really what you mean. I think there are 2 climaxes, one at 1:20 and the other one at 2:40. But it's you opinion and I appreciate it.

dude! nice song!

nice song i apreciate you thanking..,
sicnerly you friend vv26

mjattie responds:

you're welcome my friend ;)


Once again, you gave a really good feel to your song. I love the way it flow, it's almost perfect!

Nice glitches. I like your break rhythms and the way it stops to let place for "videogame like" glitch sounds. I also like how you glitched the Rhode keyboard to some places. I think you could fade your beats in better though, but it's only matter of little details. Nice fading FXES too!

Good job and keeep this up man!

Good job!

mjattie responds:

hey, I'm not perfect you know (but critism is always welcome)

thanks for the review!

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4.54 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2009
12:17 PM EST
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