HoT-16-The Temple of Time

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Track 16 of "The Hero of Time" Official Soundtrack
Music composed by George R. Powell
Singing Choir Vocals by George R. Powell

Quite possibly one of the best pieces in the film. This was a bit of a challenge to me given that I had to change the mood of the music several times throughout the scene but had to do so smoothly. It was a fun little challenge to tackle, and I'm proud of its outcome.

This piece not only has the famous "Song of Time" involved, but the LoZ main theme comes in here and there. Also, there is a part where you may hear the harp playing the flowing harmony that you normally heard in the labyrinth dungeons of the first LoZ game. I also worked in a part where the Song of Time was played in a major key, which I thought really added to its part.

The lyrics I'm singing (that I used plugins to create a choir sound) are actually me singing about Link's purpose in his journey, but I ran my lyrics through a Latin translator, because Latin just sounds good in choir singing. =p

Also, the theme heard in the tutti section (when all instruments come in to make a full orchestration) is the original theme I established in the film to represent Link's heroism. This theme is actually heard quite often around the score.

1) Opening Titles
2) Morning With Saria
3) Kokiri Village
4) An Evil Vibe
5) The Deku Tree Summons You
6) Leaving the Forest
7) The Lost Woods I
8) The Lost Woods II
9) Hyrule Market
10) Meeting the Princess
11) Enter Ganondorf
12) Plot Against the King
13) Poisoned Goblet
14) Music Box
15) Escape From the Castle
16) The Temple of Time
17) Our Lives Have Been Empty
18) Unlikely Hero
19) When She Needed You
20) Volvagia (The Dragon)
21) The Sage of Fire
22) Battle of Hyrule I
23) Battle of Hyrule II
24) Fading Hero
25) Rescuing Sheik
26) Going Back

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Fantastic, found my self a new classical hero.

Heh! But I see your already having a career in this.
No wonder, since this was real nice. Love the calm atmosphere, where it occasionally builds it self to an impressive scene after some battle, but I vaguer it was meant for a different purpose.
I almost love the whole track list you have here. Love the tune, that's all I have to say.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank you.

Actually, I don't have a career in it just yet. I changed my Job status to that back when I was going to score a commercial film before it was put on hold (and possibly may be canceled). I actually work at a 7-11 (of all places >.>), but I do music when I have the time between work and college.

But thank you for the encouragement. I'm glad you liked this Hero of Time score. It was a 15-month endeavor, where every piece you hear had to be redone several times before the final product that you hear now. =)

one of my favorites

the temple of time theme isn't normally one of those songs that would fit in a movie but you pulled it off. too bad they shut the movie down, luckily someone put it on youtube but the quality sucks, ah well.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Yeah, I'm glad to see efforts being made by fans to preserve the film and its soundtrack. I appreciate it, and I'm sure BMB does as well.

And this piece is one of my favorites from the soundtrack. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.


This is great. Dude, you got serious talent. Ill add this to my "awesome music" playlist. Keep making more please :D

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank you. This soundtrack was completed back in October of 2008, but now that it has been fully released, I am also releasing it on here in pairs each day until all 26 pieces are up. =)


George, you should attend MM meetings, Miraculous Musicians. This piece is amazing and the entire sound track has sent me into a blissful place. The little thing you did at 5:00 was spectacular. After listening to the pieces from this sound track my will to follow in your footsteps of compostion is heightened.

Keep on inspiring me

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank you. I greatly appreciate it! =)

Quite Possibly!!!

It is The best piece in the film.

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