Orsa - Cry for Me

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I haven't submitted anything in some time, so here you go. xD
I've been working on this for about two months (on and off), and I think it might be my best so far? I guess. :p

Comment/Vote/Favorite if you like. :D


p.s. This isn't really Trance, but NG doesn't have an Electronic genre. Oh well.

Also, the bass is LOW, use headphones, please. :)

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Got ya pm,

just got ya pm about this song, sorry it took a while to reply, i been... "Out Of Commission"

anyways pretty good song :),
keep you the good work

great track~

Well.. I was going to make a more complete review but adompeace said most of it already :)... Then again, this is a great track, but I've liked others better.

I think I understand the feeling, I've released tracks myself which I've really enjoyed making and got the feeling that something was acomplished, something new, something improved, kinda hard to explain, but my only guess is that sometimes this things can only be felt by the composer/producer himself or someone really really in touch with his work (or even his feelings), so I would get feedback like "yeah it's cool... but your track *title_here* is still my fav from you...", in the end the taste of the listener plays a bigger role for feedback :).

The piano intro lacks something, I am not sure what exactly, I find it too simplistic but that my have been your purpose. The synth was just great IMO, and I totally agree that this track deserved a more energetic climax :).


DJOrsa responds:

Yeah, you hit the nail on the head, man.
I think I made this song more for me than my listeners, I suppose. :p

Once I get situated again, I'll start looking at this song and see if I can improve it some.

Thanks a lot for this review. :D

Great Song

It was a very interesting song to listen to. I would have to agree with the idea of a more powerful ending to bring out the full potential of this song
anyways it was a good song 5/5 9/10, well done ^_^

DJOrsa responds:

Once I get my new laptop (my old one had some hardware problems and had to go), I'll make an edited version and upload it. :D

Welcome back to the dregs!

I'm sorry to disappoint you but this isn't your best. I understand the two months of effort you put into it and I know what that feels like but...

Don't get me wrong, it's still great, but not your best. It's probably #3 or 4.

I do love the melodies and harmonies used throughout the piece and the drumbeat. I really enjoyed the saw lead. Very melodic. Just so you know, because I usually listen to non-melodic music, I have your music around to keep my sense of melody in tact XD

My criticism for this is the lack of tension release. Throughout the song, you build tension in a way that it seemed like the song was building up into something big. I thought it was all going to be released at the 2:20 area but it goes back to the main theme. You probably shouldn't tease the listener. Then again, this is from the perspective of a prog rocker.

P.S. Korg M50?

P.S.S. F Minor?

DJOrsa responds:

I am so happy you reviewed. xD
Now, beyond that:

Aw, I thought you'd like this one the most too. Btw, I still listen to your Fugue of the Apocalypse and Inferno on a regular basis. :p
A lot of emotion and thought went into this song, and it might explain why I did what I did.
The story of the song (as portrayed in the lyrics) is a guy and girl who are slowly falling "in love" but something happens and their relationship ends, which is 1:51.. the drastic fall. They go their separate ways and then they begin to realize what they lost (2:04 - 2:16, it hits them at 2:16), and they feel what they had again at 2:26 (so it sounds/feels the same), except the swirling noises in the background is supposed to represent that it's their memory, not really life.
In a way, I suppose the meaning of the song is interfering with what would make the song sound better. Hm. Never had that problem before. :p

An another note, I do see what you are saying, and I really do appreciate the criticism. Making the end more powerful is a wonderful idea that I am seriously considering now. :D

p.s. I actually returned it.. no weighted keys. ><
I'm getting an M-Audio smaller keyboard soon. :D

p.p.s. Yes.. I hate you for having your ears; I'm gonna steal 'em. :p

Nice mate.

Drag Trance is what I would call it, really. Nice synths and harmonies, saws ftw? And the piano was awesome. Also, are you using the tapestop effect in dblue glitch in this one? it kinda sounds like that with the lead/saw. And I need that pad. Really.

DJOrsa responds:

dblue glitch is correct!
I spent FOREVER making the pattern for it though, but damn.. that VSTi is powerful. I love it, although it's time-consuming.

Btw, I'm using Gate, Stutter, Tapestop, Crusher, Shuffler, and Delay in a very specific order (obviously). :D

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Dec 28, 2009
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