Hell's Remedy Demo (2009)

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This is a collab between Darklight17 and Supersteph54 for the Collab EP (http://www.newgrounds.co m/bbs/topic/1116086). Only a demo though - we'll submit the full version if we don't make it to the album (hopefully that won't happen). And now, a word from our sponsors, AKA, us...

Darklight17 - Srsly, i have no idea what to say...Hm, let's see...Supersteph said something about a script...
Oh yeah! How the inspiration for this came and all that. Well, as mentioned above, tons of work. Mostly dedicated to fine tuning (crazily twisting volume knobs saying to ourselves "yeah, this needs to be louder..." and all those other shiny buttons and stuff in a deperate bid to make something which actually sounded like a song...). We heard a tonne of trance and dance songs to get ideas and a clue on progressions and basic structures. Tutorials also helped in learning in detail how to make most of the synths we used. Harmonizing and melody inventing was mostly my job while Steph worked more on drumloops, effects, lazing about, ideas, more lazing about and fine tuning (see above). A huge thanks goes to anyone who heard this and helped in any way (sorry about not mentioning anyone directly, im buggered when it comes to names...). Voice sample was recorded by us, and then exaggeratingly adding loads of effects to it. In other words, we're trying to sound pro :D.

All in all, this is one helluva big job, it took ages so we'd appreciate it if you at least gave it a review to help us out, because the deadline is the 31st and if we get something that helps us improve before then, we'll get more of a chance of making it to the album which will be sold. In other words, by reviewing us, there's more of a chance of us getting money :D. Thanks for listening, and sleeping on your keyboard! Peace out.

Supersteph54 - Hmm... All of the above...

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Hi Echo, just stopping by on my quest to review all of Step's tunes. This is quite a bit nicer than what he's been able to come up with by himself until 2010! :)

Sweet song, would love to hear the full version sometime soon if its already out would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction of where I could check it out?

Great piano, perhaps too much bass

Not a bad start at all. The way that the piece starts to come to life, with the piano as the introduction, I was left begging for the piano to be carried on more. When the synths took over, it was a little anticlimactic for me, sadly.

When you gave us a few additional bits and pieces in the form of the percussion and changes in the tempo, I can certainly say that it worked, but with the time limit of this piece being too short, it didn't really go out there and set me on fire, after the pianos were taken away.

The best suggestion of improvement would be to make it loop better - the piano leading in and then not being heard for another minutes wasn't the best of tactics in my opinion, so it needs to be added elsewhere, to give the track more impetus, from one of the most powerful instruments known to man.

[Review Request Club]

Echo responds:

Hehe, Don't worry, this is only the final minute of the song! There's plenty more piano in the rest and most of it has melodies akin to this one. However, glad you enjoyed that melody as it took us quite some time to get it right.

Tks for the review

Good demo

This is a good demo. Makes me want to listen to the full song. However, I don't know if this is a general problem or it's just because it's a demo, but the beginning sounds too loud. It seems to me as if the instruments are just on the edge of creating static sounds.

But other than that, I think the song is good. :)

{ Review Request Club }

Echo responds:

Tks for the review, in terms of loudness, this demo hadnt been EQed yet but thats now done so problem should be fixed ;)



This is indeed a good remedy

Really like the overall feel you both worked on to deliver in this piece, AWESOME!!

Drums: Freaking twisted and magical drum beat you have going there.

Piano: Really like how fast it's going on the one piano while the second one acts as a bassline.

Synth: Sounds sweet and wicked.

Overall: Very nice piece of work, really like how it feels, nice work you two, keep it up.

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Dec 28, 2009
1:54 PM EST
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