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TI:.Don't Cry

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one of my favorite compositions. i will be uploading more things shortly in the trance and hip hop sections :). leave comments on what you like/dislike.

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I downloaded this years ago because this is pure perfection and I listen to it so often. I love it. Usually, I do not listen to electronic music, but your trance collection really got me. Srsly, this is my all time fave trance song. I never get tired of it. Thank you.

sad or happy?

well... this song kinda works 2 ways, if you have very good day, this somehow makes feel sad.. and on bad day it's good idea to listen this. I'm not sure but it's as awesome as usual.

TIMarbury responds:

haha never even saw this review until now. interesting take... never thought about it like that. i am gonna test this out :)


I love this. It's beautiful, it has all the things of Techno I like, including many variations on a theme... If I knew more about making music, I'd be able to tell exactly what I like about it, but, I'll just have to leave it like this.


TIMarbury responds:

:D thank you. I know exactly what you mean. I had 3 main melodies the bass the lead and a pad. From there i generated all the different layers. That is usually how i do all my songs but lately i have been messing with different genres and styles.


I defginitely liked the melodies, but you really need to go and remaster this, the bass end was fuzzing about all over the place for me, and the bassline almost cut out completely at the low end.

What it needs is the bass to be cut down a lot more as it is dominating, and shouldn't be. The melody in behind is cut out.

On a lighter side the synths are brilliant, and the melodies were good.

However, the transition at 1:56, there was something I didn't like about it. It was too plain, like 2 blocks put together, a sweep would be nice. I like sweeps, or just anything.. Before and after 3:00 there is much too much going on at once, and the levels were way too high, that is a point where it needs some compression and better mastering in general.

The intro was nice, until the bass, as that melody was well composed, but as I said, that bass, that kick, and that melody make me cringe.... they hurt me and my speakers.

Transition at 0:50 was nicely done. Overall it was a great song... melody wise. It has all the right elements for a FP song, lovely think chorded synths, just with a better bassline and an EQ'ed kick, this could be something.

Blarg... sorry if I'm not helpful :(.


TIMarbury responds:

no you are more than helpful!

thanks for the detailed advice. now that i look back at this song i can tell the huge mastering mistakes i made. you summed it up very well. i usually don't like to harp on one song to make it perfect but i might look into trying to find this project and tidy it up since i do like the melodies and such.

on the bass if i remember correctly i gave it like a 5.5 +db gain which is probally why it fuzzes. the kick is totally not compressed or EQed at all... and on max volume, big fail, at the end i stacked like 7 or 8 tracks... way to much crap with overly high volumes all ready.

i know what u mean about the 1:56 transition. the intro flows well then it just breaks and just almost randomized... i think that's how i even put the song together once i thought out how to start it... its nice to see all the mistakes i made when i started lmao.

what really sucks is how much i want to fix over half my songs i made years ago and i don't have the time to do it anymore/ or i cant even find the project file.


i think you should add in the bass a little later and should add more to the kicking then the melody because the melody stands out too much.

it kinda does sound wierd with the bass during the plays in the music.

but nice job. it sounds nice.

910 55 no slashes because i like it that way.

TIMarbury responds:

thx for the honest review. the mastering on this is kinda bad so the sounds don't overlap well. :/

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Dec 28, 2009
4:33 AM EST
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