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Night in the Forest

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Author Comments

Well, I think it's about time I submit this. I made it for the NG Audio Secret Santa, which is basically a small activity organised by Stupor where we all say what we like most in songs and then each one of us is assigned a giftee. We'll have to make a song for this giftee, and on Christmas Day, we give and receive all the songs. This was my entry, made for Quarl. I spent around 3 months of on and off work on it (took me AGES to get a proper ending) and I really hope you enjoy it.

This uses a piano from the FluidR3 GM soundfont, and some drum samples, along with a few sound effects of animals and stuff. On a totally unrelated note, I printed the sheet music of this song, and tried to go and play it on my piano. I can tell you from now that it's REALLY hard to play :P. I kept cursing myself inbetween playing it for making it so complicated xP. Well, if anyone wants the sheet music/MIDI file of this, all you need to do is ask: I have them ready anyway. Also, sorry for not humanizing this song - I tried to, but by changing the note velocities or not making all the notes 100% right on time sort of ruined the feel of the song, IMO. Instead, I added a few crescendos and diminuendos and the beginning and end, along with a ritardando at the end too, so it still retains some different dynamics and the like.

Alright, not much more to say. Enjoy the song, and don't forget to leave a review, cuz dey maik meh feel all warm'n'fuzzeh inside. I'll respond to all reviews, and review back if the review is helpful with the biggest review you'll ever get. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and go jump in a lake! XD


Piano is more subdued this time. Sweet.

at least that's what I thought until 0:19 when you just brutally increased the volume of it so it sounded something like ONE OF THOSE FUCKING FEVER FANTASIES WHERE YOU HEAR VOICES THAT GET LOUDER AND LOUDER AND YOU JUST FEEL AWFUL BECAUSE YOU HAVE A FUCKING FEVER AND YOU CAN'T SLEEP

I'm done with this.

neat unintentional dorian mode at 2:14 though

Step responds:

Hahaha I love this review. I can imagine you listening to the piano all subdued and you're all content, then the arpeggio comes in and it starts getting higher and higher in volume and in the meantime you put your arms out and you're like "no no NO NO WHERE ARE YOU GOING, YOU WERE FINE BEFORE, GO BACK TO HOW YOU WERE NO NO NO SCREW YOU STEP"

I kinda like the melodies in this track, despite it being so old. They sound pretty cool when I play them on my piano, and I might just record myself playing them with my newfound microphone and make a whole track out of them. I dunno!

"neat unintentional dorian mode at 2:14 though"


Night in The Forest? I'd Like 2 Spend a Week There

OK, That Was Amzing, I'm not usually a fan of classic rock but This Was Pretty Cool, Iliked the fact that You added a Dance-ish Vibe to the Song. The Animals Sounds were Gr8, I Liked The Owl Hoot :P. The Drums in The Background Were Nice to Listen To, Pretty Basic but If You had Complicated it More, The focus would be on the drums not the Piano, Which Takes me to Why I Gave you The 9, The Piano was Good But it was too repetetive, Try Playing Around With Melodies, I know that after a Hard Day's work, you dont feel like starting all over, but Practice makes Perfect, Which Frankly, I think You're on The Way to.

So That's It, I hope ,My Review made you feel 'warm'n'fuzzeh inside'. If U can Review some of My Upcoming Songs Bruv'

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Step responds:

Wow, thanks for the great review, man! I'm glad I got you to enjoy Classical Rock. Yeah, the animal sounds were the best I could find. I know what you mean about the drums: I wanted a more mystical feel, so focusing so much on the drums will ruin it. You're completely right about that piano. Maybe I should add more alternate melodies inbetween to make the chorus not sound so repetitive. Anyway, I hope I overcome my laziness and think up some more melodies. Thanks again for the review, it indeed made me feel warm'n'fuzzeh. I'll review your upcoming songs whenever I can ;).

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4.16 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2009
1:59 PM EST
Classic Rock
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6.7 MB
2 min 57 sec

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