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UPDATE 12-28-09: I've uploaded an updated version that has been remastered. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

This is an extended version of the music for Krin's futuristic RTS Colony, with new material added throughout. This develops the Capitalist theme. It was hard picking a category to put it up on Newgrounds, since it's a hybrid of orchestral and rock. Hopefully I found the right place!

As always I greatly appreciate comments. I will make sure to read each and every comment posted, and I'll do my best to respond to reviews when I can! Visit my userpage and website for more music and news!


So damn good!

Has a lot of themes and nice transitions and it has kind of a story to it...

The beginning is perfect, a bugle calling men to arms. The electric guitar gives a futuristic feel to the song, and the little bass thing sounds sexy; the whole section sounds like the preparation of the armies. The string section gives it that classical pre-battle music and blends perfectly with the futuristic feel with the guitar, the armies marching to battle, and the "Charge!" transition was nicely done. The slow guitar section gives me the image of one of the armies (say G&Y) getting outflanked and having to retreat before they are surrounded. The following piano part sounds like it fits the scene of the destruction left behind by the R&B army. The music gets fast again, R&B is catching up and victory is near. But oh noes, they've been ambushed! (2:42-3:07) It was all a trap! G&Y are kicking ass, they've got R&B surrounded. However, R&B are holding they're ground showing there serious after the guitar melody ends. G&Y don't have many tanks for some of them were destroyed prior to falling back. In the next piano section, R&B still has trouble though, and it doesn't go very well. But they find out that reinforcements are on the way! R&B's 2nd battalion blasts through the back of the G&Y circle, almost unnoticed while getting into an effective position. The rest of R&B's 1st battalion regroups and then they own G&Y. G&Y's 2nd battalion gets there but is too late and R&B was well in prepared and position, slaughtering G&Y one by one. They then move on to the G&Y base and destroy the litlle defense army with extreme ease. The battle is over and R&B victorious, but let us not forget the brave souls who's lives were lost in the battle...

It's probably not even close to what you had in mind when you made it but it's what i feel happened. AWESOME SONG!!!!

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Very good but...

Can u release the other 2 colony music theme? ( I mean if u play choose different government, your music will be slightly different, or maybe a great.... )
Sorry for my bad english

One Word.


A very interesting piece

A like the melody in the beginning in the end. It seemed as a very interesting way to introduce and conclude the piece. The violins at around 0:55 seems good for a sort of close combat scene and the electric guitar added in some nice dramatic effects to the piece and game. I didn't really like the slow paced part around 4:00. The gradual speed, however, I liked. At around 4:20, the strings kind of lead the piece longer than it should be. Overall I like it 4/5

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Totally Awesome

This track combines perfectly with the game atmosphere. It feels big, has a thinking wave and surprise effects. (Also I have felt the urge to make a NG account just to tell you that)

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DavidOrr responds:

Thank you!

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Dec 27, 2009
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