I Run This Town - Mad Max/Rap

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Feel it comin' in the air
see me the sreets from everywhere
I'm addicted to the thrill
It's a dangerous spooky man
Can't be scared when it goes down
Got a problem, tell me now
Only thing that's on my mind
Is who's gonna run this town tonight...
Is who's gonna run this town tonight...
We gonna run this town


They praise the name HOVA
They rap career over
I move that coca a lil bit of cola
These n***as don't know but
My chickens chirp like motorolla
Give back to the hood man I gave them cocaine
They gave me the dope so I'm giving them the same
Appreciate the cash so you know I love the game
It gave me the watches the whips and the chains
My team is vultures I'ma predicate smoker
Extend the work add a lil baking soda
Diamonds like boulders Dojo's strapped like soldiers
She my dick holder while I whip it in the rover (OVER!)

Life's a game but it's not fair
I break the rules so I don't care
So I keep doin' my own thing
Walkin' tall against the rain
Victory's within the mile
Almost there, don't give up now
Only thing that's on my mind
Is who's gonna run this town tonight
Heeeey-hey-hey-hey-hey-he yyy
Heeeey-hey-hey-hey-hey-he yyy
(Is who's gonna run this town tonight)


I got tec-9's Hollows for the Eagle
Calico release flow Let you n***as bleed slow
These n***as got Rihana throwing the fucking rock
Fuck the Dynasty cause I rather throw some cock
Fuck La Familia you n***as not familiar
I'm not fucking feeling ya the goons get rid of ya
My girl like Eli Manning Breezy is a 10
Gettin' skull from a slut in the Benz with the tints
They say I sound like Sean I don't salute Roc nation
You n***as mistaken
The thrown for the taken
I talk about crack and I rap about the lex
I got a thing for spanish ass and I talk about sex (EH!)



If I want ya life n***a its no thing
Cause my heart dark as knight just like Bruce Wayne
Call me Jack Tripper drive off with two dames
One giving me neck the other one switching lanes
Ya'll talk about artillery you never popped one
That shit absurd like Rosa Parks callin' shotgun
Military issued you n***as have issues
Bullets through wet tissue ya family gonna miss you !
It's hereditary my n***as armed and ready
Leave you n***as messy kinda like spaghetti
Don't make me pull the guns capicho finito
Bullet in ya Bellic just like Niko
They know what we know Her throat is ease flow
Steve Nash at the free throw they flow is weak tho
Lactose intolerant I fuck with the cheese tho
12 gauge range large like Kanye's ego (See yo !)

We gonna run this town tonight!

Wassup ! (Jay-z)


Ey man

This is hot man. Good cover song. Only thing i am going to criticize you about, is:

1. Your mic quality is TERRIBLE. :D

2. You have a really good voice for hip hop, just work on your flow a lil' more, and you'll be there.

~1~ One Love

MaxStayWitaStrap responds:

Good looks bro


That was terrible.

Your vocals need work. Sounds like you have cotton balls in your mouth.

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Dec 23, 2009
10:58 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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