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Author Comments

Wow, trance is just so fun to make. Well, here comes another trance song. My first (Speeding Through Infinity) had some good feedback, so I decided to make another trance song. I didn't work too hard on this though; actually very little - only 3 hours or so, but I suppose it's Newgrounds worthy. I don't think it's anywhere close to as good as Speeding Through Infinity, but has a catchier name, anyway :P. Maybe even a better intro... you just have to love choir intros ^^.

Sooo... this uses Magnus Choir for the choirs (I wish I had more choirs; I don't know how to make Magnus Choir play a different choir other than the default one), a saw synth I made myself, two saw synths and a Heart Beat sound effect from the SGM V2.01 soundfont, a spacey synth used at the beginning that I made with FL's Sytrus, and downloaded drum samples: this is the first time I ever tried layering a kick :\ (thanks to SessileNomad for giving me the idea of layering kicks). The kick still isn't powerful enough, even though it's 4 different kicks layered, but that's because I didn't EQ it and it's not the right volume. Heh, work of 3 hours, don't forget :\.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and please vote and review. If your review is helpful, I'll review back with a massive review and I respond to all reviews. Thanks for listening, and once again, enjoy!


Holy shit this is compressed so hard oh my goood how is this even possible everything is sidechaining everything else xp the reverb of the kick rests like a huge fog over the entire mix when it plays

Cool melodies though, you've really got a groove going at 1:34 and the little rising melody before that was really nice. I mean it wouldn't have surprised me to see you do music similar to the stuff that some of the EDM guys from this site ended up making eventually, if you had chosen that route instead of becoming a silly orchestral person :)

Step responds:

"Holy shit this is compressed so hard oh my goood how is this even possible everything is sidechaining everything else xp the reverb of the kick rests like a huge fog over the entire mix when it plays"


No but seriously it's not my fault. FL Studio's default template has a limiter in the master channel and I never really knew what it does so I made all my music with the limiter on there until Blackhole12 told me to stop it (which was when I made Spacewalk, and that was a massive improvement as I'm sure you noticed). Hence all of that compression. Or maybe it IS my fault for being such a retard.

"if you had chosen that route instead of becoming a silly orchestral person :)"

Thank GOODNESS I'm a silly orchestral person and didn't take that route, or else things would've panned out a lot differently.

kinda sounded like a remix of tetris in the middle

sounds really futuistic.
kinda makes me feel like im in space.(it's really hard to do that to me)
feels like a epic battle in space plus the sounds and speeds of the beat is perfect
mabie if you team up with a flash artist it will become one of the best flashes with audio of all time.

~gassman aka thegass

Step responds:

Wow, another review from you :P. Thanks man! This was made in a few hours, so I never expected it to get such good feedback.

Lol, you're all about epic battles aren't you xP.

Well, I doubt a flash artist will ever use my work (so far I only had 2 people use my audio in their flash, one of which was a small and annoying spy theme loop, and another which was a terribly cheesy and boring piano song), but I'll only have to hope for the best. Thanks for the review!


The intro is epic it canĀ“t be more awesome than this and the varity of speed and sounds in this song is also awesome. Love the choir and the bass. This sounds a bit like psy trance, I love psy trance :D

Keep up your good work ;)

Step responds:

Hey, thanks! Glad you liked the intro, it's probably the part of the song that I worked hardest on xP. Check out my song Cries of the Tormented (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/list en/298223) which has a much better intro, and although isn't as action-packed, I worked much harder on it. Anyway, whatever, glad you liked this, and thanks for the 10 :D.

Good Title

The title of the song does it justice. There is a clear transformation in style; and it is a hell of one too. Really enjoyable to listen too.

Unfortunately, as I find with most songs, they sound muddled or a little "bloody" (Where the sound bleeds over). In most cases, this is just due to the file save type, but try messing around and see if you can clear things up, so its really sharp. This song needs to be able to cut; at least in my opinion.

Other than that, the submission is great. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Step responds:

Hey, thanks for the review :D. I thought the title was quite cliche, but since it fit with the song, I decided 'What the heck, I'm using it' XD. I don't see what you mean by muddled, or my song needing to be able to cut. Maybe you mean that the sounds drown each other out and sound blurry, but that's because I don't know how to master :\. Oh well, thanks again for the review. I have another choir like intro in a song that I'm working on right now, so if you want I can drop you a line when I submit it ;).


The beginning was really truly awesome I felt a little out of touch transition from that to the middle part though and then your ending started up again and the song got really good. Keep it up while not an awesome amazing song this is a great and good song good job!

Step responds:

Wow, thanks ^^. I might use that beginning again in another song; not sure :\. About that transition, I see what you mean, maybe if I try and keep the choir playing while it's about to get to the middle it could be better. Anyway, thanks again for the feedback!

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4.38 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2009
5:08 AM EST
File Info
6 MB
2 min 37 sec

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