(N)Dreams Of Nightmares(N)

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pew pew. Woke up with this in my head, odd feeling.

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duuuuude... ^-^

for whatever reasons i feel that this is the music i have been searching for. . . emotional. . . a general good beat. . . impressive music. as ragnarok says "enuff- butt kissin!" the scene is about war . . .
the piano fits in well to first to set the mood 00:15 s - why do I even try do win? I can't do anything and i know it. . .
then the drums :50? s- but wait. . . there a light. . .
then the synths or whatever they may be. . . 1:35 s -oh my-- this is it!! but i need to tell everyone there's a way from our suffering. . .
then the dramatic change of tune. . . it's almost as if there's hope again. . . 2:35 s
we now have the militia! we can do this! we can do this!! WE WILL!!! we can advance to them and take back our ground. . . 5/5 10/10 may the stars shine on this wonder of music. . .

i love your stuff

this song proves that you, sir, are incredibly talented. every track i've heard is just awesome. anywho, enough butt-kissin :) on with the review.

the spectrum of emotion glimpsed by this song is vast. for me, it starts with an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. then, there is a moment of clarity when a sliver of will is restored. will to persevere. encouraged by the thought, a sense of awakened courage and pride washes over me. with the desire to press on, i feel driven by an appreciation and respect for the very struggle that had previously been so defeating. although the road ahead is a difficult one, failure is not an option, and there is nothing that can stop my progress through it.

it's hard to put this stuff into words as i'm feeling it, so i hope that makes sense.
this is by far one of my favorite songs, on NG and otherwise.

btw, what happened to Showdown? i tried to find it, but try as i might, it wasn't to be found.

Either Black or White

I've been secretly following your music and the Stalker has now spoken!
I've made an account just to write a review for your songs. lol Scary much?
But no it's a good thing because I like to write stories because I have no life what-so-ever...Point is your songs help me think of new stories and dramtic scenes.
Like in this song the protagonist is surrounded by enemies. The enemies are holding two captives: one is the bestfriend and the other is the lover. It's hard because the protagonist can't choose who to save and who to let go both are irreplaceable but time is running low, heart it beating and the blood lust is rising threatening to take both away. And if the protagonist doesn't choose fast then the enemies threaten to doom them both and let the protagonist watch.
So what is it?
It is a great and deep song and I must say you are a genious!

nubbinownz responds:

I dunno about genius. but I do really enjoy it. and the stories that reviewers come up with always makes me feel so happy. Knowing that there are visions and images in other people's head becuase of something I created is always an amazing feeling.

Your Music

I love your music, I can always feel something from it, it's not just something you throw together with the hopes someone will praise it, it's a like a puzzle that you made yourself and let others experience. It's easy to hear the difference in your music as you age, you can hear sorrow, yet also a strength, determination.

nubbinownz responds:

Hahaha I was actually just talking to a couple of my friends about that. The different path my songs have taken over time. It's wierd to think that I made These Mistakes almost 2 years ago. And how much different my music has gotten since then. Thank you for the awesome review.

still amasing

i love the epic grooviness of this tune, you do amazing things whith piano's and drums

nubbinownz responds:

No sir. You are the amazing musician here. and don't you ever forget that.

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Dec 18, 2009
7:57 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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