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The Great Edenia

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Author Comments

It's a song i wrote. I plan to keep this so when my band starts up i can use it as the beginning of the song "Edenia story" which i have written. It is almost 30 minutes long. Its metal except this calm beginning. So here is just the beginning piece.

It took me about 2 hours to finish. I used a special electric piano and Audacity to make it. It was a total of 7 different layers to create this. It took awhile to find sounds that kind of calmed the soul. I wanted a feeling like your in a forest, near a waterfall, quiet, all you hear is the wind and the trees.


An intriguing song

I must say, this is very intriguing as an introduction for a hard-rock band, it REALLY makes me want to hear those hard-rock songs...
Their isn't much to say technically, but just the fact that this song is related to hard-rock is something worth talking about... For instance, if this "previews" the hard-rock songs, is it some kind of symbolic figure representing the fact that in each hard-rock song, inside all that loud noise, some peace and calm can be found? I dunno, that is just some wild guess...
As for technically, there really is not much to talk about. The flutes (?) were relatively good, that's about all I can come up with... But I think what's really interesting about this song, is this possible explanation behind it. Tell me if I'm wrong, if not, tell me about it!
Here goes my scene, which I tried to make a little different than the others:
Vietnam 1971 7:31 A.M.

"We've been sent on a 'search & destroy' mission for these past few days... We've burnt places to the ground, blown up stone bunkers, shot young soldiers, killed children... We've done and seen horrible things during these past few weeks.
Today we've been sent far into the deep jungle, and as we climb a vast mountain, I look around us, I seem to be the only one doing so, but I see a landscape which is so beautiful, it's worth being called paradise. As I stop to look at it, time seems to have slowed down, certain sounds have disappeared, like the loud footsteps from the soldier's boots, and other sounds, seem to have been amplified, like the birds chipping, insects, nature... The only thing I vaguely hear, is the helicopter behind us... I stare at this amazing landscape, and ask myself: How did we end up fighting in this paradise? Looking at that place, makes me forget for a moment, all the violence and death around us.
I'm just a simple soldier, and even if I know I can't change much of anything, I know, that fighting in a place like this is wrong..."
There you go! I hope you enjoyed this scene and that it wasn't at all what you we're expecting :D



This is a nice song, which is really calming to listen to. Still, in my opinion, it has a few defects here and there.

Firstly, I think the flute occasionally had notes which were too high. Maybe you could add some lower instrument in the background to stop the high notes from becoming too ear-piercing or annoying. Or you could simply move those notes an octave lower or change them. Also, I don't think a flute can go that high, unless it's a piccolo, but even then there are some notes in this song which go too low for a piccolo, I believe. I could be wrong though.

Also, the song is a tad bit on the short side. I understand that this is an intro to a song, but it feels unjust to give this song a higher score than now when it's only just over 1 minute long. By the way, I don't know how you're going to transit from this intro to a metal song, so good luck with that xP.

In addition, this song lacks depth. There's only some slight ambience in the background. I really liked the bird chirping and nature sounds that you added, since they greatly added to the calmness of this submission, but unfortunately it's not enough depth. Add some string ambience or something, maybe a bassoon, or a harp. Just something to add to the background depth a little, since IMO it sounds a bit empty.

Finally, I don't agree with some of the sounds you've chosen. I liked the sound of the flute, and as I said, the nature sounds were awesome, but I don't like some of the other sounds. Am I hearing a helicopter at the beginning? :S Whatever sound it is, I really don't think it fits well with the theme of the submission. There are some other sounds like windmill (?) sounds which are also slightly out of place...

Still, on the bright side, you managed to evoke a brilliant atmosphere with the flute, and although at times I think some notes were held to long and started to get a bit rough on the ears, the melody was very good, and the ending was perfect. It's a nice and soothing way to end this small song ^^.

Now for the scene you asked for in that thread ages ago. Sorry that I'm not GAT-X300, he's on holiday right now and asked me to take his place. I'm obviously not as good as him, but here goes...


The lone traveler reaches a place to rest, on top of a hill. Around him, he is surrounded by a natural wonder. A serene landscape where nothing ever disturbs the tranquility and pleasing sounds of nature. A waterfall is heard, the water hitting its bodies onto the rocks below, birds are chirping as the sun starts to rise, the wind sings its way through the leaves, leaving a relaxing rustling sound, the trees seem to dance to the wind's tunes by swaying left and right in a majestic manner.

The traveler covers his eyes as the illuminating sun dominates the forest with its bright and powerful light. He looks up to the sky and sees a flock of birds innocently flying over the small yet picturesque waterfall. He lets out a deep sigh of relaxation, and lies down, letting his problems disappear and his thoughts drift away, carried by the stunning glow of the morning horizon.


I hope you enjoyed the scene, and I hope it fits well with this song. Keep up the good work!

-Review Request Club-

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Sounds like.....

Very peaceful, heartwarming, and a good thing to sleep to. I like the sounding in the background as well that its a woodlike thought.
I must say though it has a little sound that makes like a forest ready with dark surprises.
Its a great over all though.

ss4neji responds:

OMG A ten!?
I am definitely going to make more songs like this.


Verrryy mood setting [;

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ss4neji responds:

Good! That's what i wanted! I am so angry at the moment! I thought this might calm me down any other time i get mad. It works for me!

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3.55 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2009
8:43 PM EST
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