NA - Supermassive Wobbhole

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i dare you to review ±P



I have to agree with the reviewer below although you fail to accept any criticism only praise.

You have a good bassline in there, but it feels like that might be it. It completely suffocates the rest of the track that you haven't spared any effort for, because you have just focused on the bass.

This could really be coming on to pro standard if you brought the drums up to the standard of the bass and sort out the little decorations you can almost hear over the top. I don't think you over used the crash, but you can have more than one crash in there which would sound awesome.

And what was meant by the lack of mixing is the fact that the bassline takes up what seems like 40hz-5kz with no space for the kick to breathe let alone the snare. Pick up an EQ and phatten up the kick and snare, and tame that dirty bass so that it fits in with the track. Not sure if this counts as promotion of outside sites but if you google audiotuts they have some good tutorials for mixing.

Oh yeah and wobble basslines are over rated. Especially in dnb. I don't say this because I'm closed minded, but because they are done to death.

If you don't like what I have to say feel free to message me on it, I hope I'm not being too hostile.

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NinthAttempt responds:

see, at least you take the effort to make yourself clear when reviewing.

you are not being hostile at all, neither was the guy before me, and if you took me for beying offended, i might have misrepresented myself. my point was that most of his critisism was regarding issues of taste. wich, if you are reviewing objectively and correctly, should not affect the grade.

your review on the otherhand is full of usefull critisism, thanks alot. i will take on the tuturial for mastering. im not full of myself, i have no problem with admitting that im poorly skilled at that. big ego's only get in the way of getting better :)


Sorry, but that was only mediocre.

The bass was awesome, but it had some strange patterns for a bassline. It completely overpowered the drums, which is a no no.

The drums could've had better fills instead of spamming crashes. The patterns where very repetitive and not all that great.

It was very weak due to lack of mixing. But you're on your way.

Now go and review my shit ;)

NinthAttempt responds:

ok you slap a fat four in my face, name some subjective points wich are about taste.. you dont hear the difference between a stretched snare and a crash, you dont get the wobble, and something cryptic about mixing?

too bad you didnt like it, but the critisism is kinda useless


I acceptd your dare , now you accept mine. Read my review >=D

WELLL ofcourse 10/10 and 5/5 cause well bass is awsome and the drums fit in nicely :D , the vocals at the end wtf they for there o.O? , um just pretty much the most tense 2 mins of bass and drums i have ever heard!

NinthAttempt responds:

haha the end :P

yeah i used some rly short clips from muse - supermassive black hole

so in the end i thought, lets just add and pitch down a long piece from the song

i make the singer sound like a transvestite XD


Beats and melody are dark and aggressive. I like that. However i am big fan of "Counterstrike" drum`n`bass style. You are on the good way make me to be your fan as well. Keep up the good work!

NinthAttempt responds:

Thanks, lately im writing like crazy, each track getting better and better.

expect to see more soon!


5.00 / 5.00 (unchanged)
10/10 REVIEW

NinthAttempt responds:

challange accepted! XD

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3.31 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2009
10:35 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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