HC: Time Ticks On [Clocks RMX]

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Dutch Hardcore remix of Clocks by Coldplay. Bet this is gonna get blammed just coz its Dutch Hardcore. IF you do listen through though, then I hope you enjoy it :] I certainly had fun making it.

Constructive criticism is in every way welcome!

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Wow Speechless!

This song from Coldplay is so calm, yet you made it rough and tough!
It's weird no one else tried to make a hardcore track out it, it really has potential for many remixes!

But let's review 'this' track right?

Winding up the clock, and letting it go off all the time combined with the kicks were really nice. Loved the intro kick and bass, it's good you thought about it.
After that we go into the rougher part of the intro with a harder kick/bass and snare rolls to finaly go to the fist qlimax. :)

That tiny build, with piano was so needed! It's really nice just the way I like hardcore!, Soft with very rough edges complimented with loud kicks and bass.
Only the transitioning from intro to the build with piano needs a little bit of tweeking, it's still not really 'flowing'.

The cutt off frequency from the main melody, made me think of 'SMD just like you (Noisecontrollers mix)'. That deep drowned out sound that will pop up to blast your ears with some serious good stuff. That was REALLY nice, just perfect for the way I like this genre! Leadwise this track is also perfect! Loved it, same as your hard kick and lovely crunchy bass!

Well done, letting the piano fading in again, and the leads out. And dropping the beat slightly. That transitioning was great. Same as your FX you used. I miss a mystical pad to support the breakdown though. That would make it just wonderfull.

For my feeling it needed a outro with kicks, and some weird melo's in between.
Maybe you could've used the clock ticking again, and the wind up/downs from the clock as well.

-Wondering if we could collab on this track? I want to make the transitions right, and outro. And fix some things slightly in the intro, because I want to play this wonderfull track in my car. That would make my day so good playing this track in my car. :P

Anyways, you deserved my 5/5 10/10 + Fav


Keep them coming, you're getting better and better!

*Ps you didn't told me about this track either!! :P

CeruleanSoldier responds:

Hahaha I gotta start reviewing your tracks with this kind of information.

I agree with the transition from the intro to the piano. I found it really difficult to transition smoothly so it sounds pretty rough. And a pad would be an awesome idea for the outro! why didn't I think of that Dx
And once again, I found that I made the outro a little too rushed. It could definitely use some tweaking. And the ticks, cranks and alarms are all in the outro, but I couldn't get them to stand over the beat. Currently, the ticks are at the loudest possible volume they can be!

And I'd love for you to fine-tune this track. However, I made it using Sony Acid Music Studio Pro 7.0 which is a completely different program to what you're used to so it could be a little difficult. If you still want all the files, then let me know.

Thanks so much for the thoroughly in-depth review and I'm sorry for not telling you about the track! I swear I meant to!


Its a good remix, but the intro took wayy too long. It might just be how the style is. im not that into Dutch Hardcore (yet) so I dont know how its supposed to work. but other than that, i thought it was a decent remix. Bass is a tad overwhelming, again, might be part of the genre though.



CeruleanSoldier responds:

Agreed, the intro is too long now that I look back at it, and it doesn't have anything to do with the style so thats an error on my part. I'll probably be fixing that up for another release. The incredibly overwhelming bass however, is a trademark of Dutch Hardcore, so that's definitely supposed to be there.

Thanks heaps for your constructive crit :]

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Dec 15, 2009
11:12 PM EST
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