Osher - Trantastic

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This is my song for the Ng Audio Deathmatch. I was debating weather to put the full version or the NG Edit version.. but I decided to just go for the full because of the competition. Good luck to YouriX, who is my opponent :).

12-16-09: Just to add, this is at 96kbit, and it's only 6mb O.O So it may sound a bit mushy. The 320kbit is 20mb so yeah... I had to lower the bit rate by a lot.



Impressive work. Simply superb. Kick is fantastic and drums, although slightly repetitive, are great. I have no idea how you managed to work out over 8 mins in two weeks, but u did a helluva brilliant job. This amount of variety is simply superb and the great melodies you installed put my amazed level up to the point of insanity. fantastic work!


P.S This is your judging review from NGADM Round 1. I posted it for ya just cos its always nice to have more reviews.


Even for trance, the intro to this is going overboard a bit. A minute in and its not changing very much anymore, its just the same thing over and over and over and over... Things start getting better once we hit 3 minutes though, and the intro is very impressive.

The production in this is top-notch, and the mixing is sublime. I really like a lot of the creative chord progressions running around in this song, that don't sound like they should work but yet somehow do. After the 3 minute mark you do a really good job of transitioning between elements and keeping the listener interested with variations and new melodies.

At 5 minutes I can hear the faint hints of a really impressive soundscape but you don't seem to elaborate on it, which disappoints me. Either way, we start entering into the outro at about 6 minutes with some really clever hi-hat work that I'm really liking. This whole song has the feel of a professional mix and is probably one of the few songs submitted to this contest that I've actually downloaded. This is extremely well done.

The outro is superbly done and the subtle synth melodies are perfectly executed. The ending is smoothly done and flows perfectly, avoiding the repetitive trap that the intro fell into.


Osher responds:

The intros are a bit difficult to do in progressive trance because in the first minute is suppose to be for the DJs to mix into the song.

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it.

Your taking this personal huh?

You really do want to kick my butt huh? As a Trance song on itself its pretty rich it gets a bit messy if you use alot of synths but its pretty well balanced in this case. I hate to admit it but i like it!

If i knew what i was up against. I would have taken a diffrint direction with my submission. I would have done some EPIC 8-bit BreakCore vendetta!

Not saying that my submission is bad. The thing with my submission is that it was ment to be used in a simple Winter Theme Flash Animation. Yours more for dancing clubs.

But all in all good luck in the contest ;)

Osher responds:

Thanks mate. I'll check out your submission once I finish installing a program.

Kick = Wowzers

I think the kick's too bass-heavy, or over-compressed, b/c it's just knocking my brains out lol. I love the bass and leads though. But the kick definitely needs to be turned down in the mix.

I really dig the pace of this song, it starts off quite solid and slowly builds with pads and cut filters. It's a little mushy, but it still sounds pleasing. I would've tried stereo seperating the pads or something, to fill out the song more.

Now that the kick came back in at 2:50 ish, I think it may just have too many mid frequencies, but that may be due to too much compression as well, hard to tell really.

I really like the chord progression, very soothinggg. :3

What'd you use for the lead at 4:10? It's sooooo awesome.

5:02, I would've left out the open hat to be honest. lol

Overall, awesome track, keep up the great work man!

Osher responds:

I had very trouble with the kick. I could not find one that fit well with this song, but that kick is what I stuck with for the final export. As I've told you before, it's 96kbit. So it does get a little mushy.

Thanks mate.

Woot progress1v3 trance

Doof Doof.

Good shit

DL'd for my new trance set.


Osher responds:

Thanks. If you want, I can send you the 320 version.. it sounds a lot better than the 96kbit.

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Dec 15, 2009
7:28 PM EST
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