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Before anyone says anything, if the vocoder seems a bit...off, I'm planning on fixing it, but the song was complete enough that I decided to upload it, since that was the only problem.



Everything I said for vertechx aplies here also.

timesavectorquantity responds:

Both this song and vortechx were made when I was just getting a feel for FL studio and making music in general. I plan on fixing these when I get the chance XD Thanks for the feed back though :D

Too unorganized

It's probably time someone made a review:
Well, my general opinion on the song, is the fact that it sounds slightly fucked up. The instruments are sorta strange, well not really, but they all sound wierd. They all have a sort of unrealistic/dreamy feeling to them. The composition of the song is also kinda wierd because you got a certain kind of synth at the beginning, and you never hear it again because some other synth took over the melody. Then we got other strange noices here and there... The whole gave a dreamy feeling.
To improve I would suggest keeping one synth for the main melody, not putting too many secondary synths everywhere, a few, but not too many. As for the beat, I don't suggest using a rock/jazz drum kit, a good techno beat should be good enough. The dreamy feeling was ok, but I would suggest trying to make your instruments sound more professional, I dunno how, I ain't a musician, but get some tips here and there to make them sound better.
It was tough getting a scene for this one, but thanks to palee81, who I can credit as co-scenarist, gave me a few ideas:
A spaceship flies through space torwards the nearest space station.
Suddenly, after at least 2 years with an empty radar, something shows up. A planet the pilot's never seen before.
Is he off course? He makes sures he is on the right direction. Affirmative. Then how come he has never seen this planet before? His ship's computer analyses it. The information comes out:
"17% Rock 1% Steel 82% Ice, 4,2 months old"
It's an ice planet, the result of a newborn planet that immediatly freezes, which is the reason why it's not a big ball of lava.
The pilot lands the spaceship, after entering the ozone, big clouds of cold air cover up the ship. He lands. He takes some materials; lamp, tazer type gun. He leaves his ship and finds himself in front of an enormous cave entrance. He walks in it, lighting up his lamp. As soon as he walks inside, all he sees is ice, only ice, he keeps walking inside, lighting the place up with his lamp. Further down, he starts seeing colours in the ice. He approaches one of the thick ice walls, and realises that the ice carries various sorts of unknown crystals. He continues to walk further into the dark cave, and falls upon what looks like a huge room, with walls, covered by crystals, creating magnificant colors everywhere.
Hope you enjoyed the scene.


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Dec 15, 2009
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