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Mellow Man

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yaay, I finally finished a full song!

Rendered 192 kbs due to size limit.


Pretty good

only complaint is that the flow of this song tends to get boring. has good transitions and great melody and great feel to it.

it builds up, but then it kinda dies down a little. perhaps could have used another melody to keep it interesting?

overall though it was really good, but gets boring.

Love it

get this out there, great melodies and stuff

why are people rating this an 8

You guys don't get it, this is really effing good. End of story. Absolutely top-notch stuff. Extremely creative. It's not perfect, but it's damn good - and it's done with a complete lack of massive clipping or over-compression that usually plagues newgrounds stuff.

This is really marketable stuff dude - I can totally see this in the background of tons of corporate or commercial applications. You should sign up at audiojungle.net and post your songs there...

Decent work...

Good work. A catchy melody and brilliant drum work. Nice synth work and fantastic melodies. An overall brilliant job. However, chord progressions tended to get slightly repetitive and the ending was slightly too abrupt. What i suggest is that u make either a fade out outro, or end it with an interrupted cadence to leave the user hanging.


P.S This is your judging review from NGADM Round 1. I posted it for ya just cos its always nice to have more reviews.

Skela responds:


So... Catchy...

OK, before I start, I'm just going to say that I'm reviewing this as a Review Request Club member, not a DM Judge. Alright, back to the review...
I really liked this song. It has such a cool vibe to it, and it's so fun to listen to, that I wouldn't ever want to press the stop button in any second of the song. Good job, man, this is a really cool submission.

The melodies are definitely the best part of this. I absolutely LOVED all of the melodies, and although I think you could've varied in the chord progressions a little more, the main melody is just so catchy. If that melody wasn't as catchy, I would've probably given you an 8 :P. I also liked the what the pitch bent instrument was playing at 1:33, that was pretty cool. 1:44 was a nice addition too, since it provided a break from the extremely action-packed awesomeness that the main melody has. Maybe you could add a few more alternate melodies, though. There were only around 2 melodies, and TBH I expected the part at 2:17 to be another alternate melody, or at least a different alternate melody at 2:38 instead of repeating 0:49 all over again. Also, I'd suggest a more powerful bass in the background to accompany the synths playing in the foreground.

The instruments are almost all amazing. I loved the main instrument that came in at 0:27 for the first time. It's one of the few things I like about drum'n'bass. The main synth in a DnB song is usually supposed to sound ear-splitting and very annoying, yet it doesn't annoy you at all throughout the song and makes you want to hear more, and that's how your main synth was. I really liked the square wave that first came in at 0:16, it was a really nice touch to the song, and furthermore added to the powerful and fast-paced rhythm of the song. You also used it very creatively around the song, and it never got boring to listen to. The only instrument I don't really like would be the instrument at the beginning which is simply a generic plucked saw synth. If you were so creative and varied with your other synths, I don't see why you shouldn't do the same to the instrument at the beginning. There were a few sound effects in this song which I enjoyed though, so good job there.

Wow, I'm running out of characters O.o... Anyway, the transitions were all very well done and I don't think there were any rough transitions. New instruments were introduced well, and the buildup at the beginning was very well executed. No problem there ^^. When it comes to the song structure, It was a little simple but did the job perfectly in this. The variety needs more work though. As I said, this needs a few more alternate melodies and the calm part in the middle dragged on a bit too much too much, so maybe if you added a few more variations (such as more sound effects, different transition melodies, etc.) in the calm part, it wouldn't sound so repetitive.

Intro wasn't that good. I don't think you should start with that synth. Still, the buildup was amazing and that made up for it. As for the ending, here's a my idea of a somewhat good outro for this song:
Where the ending would use the part at around 1:33-1:35 and would have a final reverbed note. You should do that, since drum endings rarely come out too good, and this one was pretty abrupt.

As for the drums, the beats were good, they fit with the song and the samples were awesome, but unfortunately that's all that's good about them. They were really loud, and although DnB does need loud drums, I think they were a bit TOO loud. Also, the main beat needs variety, it started getting boring after some time. Drum transitions were good though ^^.

I enjoyed the song quite a lot, because of the fun, fast-paced rhythm, excellent synths, amazing melodies, good effects, awesome transitions and great variety of synths, and mostly this needs variety in the melodies/drums, quieter drums and better intro/outro. Keep up the extremely good work, and I hope to see more awesome songs like this from you. Great job! XD

-Review Request Club-

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Skela responds:

big friggin review! thanks

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Dec 15, 2009
4:10 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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