MH16: Nowhere To Hide -NGAD-

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Here's my entry for the NG Audio Deathmatch. I'll probably change the ending.. sometime.
Thanks for listening.

I changed and extended the ending. If you listened to this song before the ending was changed, please let me know if this version is better or not.


Nice work!

A brilliant and epic piece. Well done. Could've used more background namely using cellos and Double Basses as they are the key to every good epic song. However, you did a fantastic job of blending those other instruments together. As a musician i know how hard that can be. nice string work and i liked the use of timpani too. Ending was nice but slightly abrupt.


P.S This is your judging review from NGADM Round 1. I posted it for ya just cos its always nice to have more reviews.

FairSquare responds:

Thank you!

I finally reviewed this..

I feel somewhat selfish I didn't review this sooner, But I guess I needed to take time to think of why this piece just amazes me. It's not everyday you find gems of epic quality in the audo portal, but sad to say that's not where I found this. I had found this on your BBs sig. But honestly I am amazed that this iswhat I found after clicking into it. I would love to use this song sometime in the future, should you permit me. Overall this is a very impressive piece of work and Should be on the weekly top 5. I hope to find much more gems among your work.

15/15 no complaints.

FairSquare responds:

You can use this song for anything which doesn't make you any money and as long as you credit me properly :)
Thank you for the review!

Fantastic and chaotic

This song is fantastic! Extremely powerful, some emotions here and there, and those horns or what ever they are kick-ass!
With all the emotions this song has, you have a real tense feeling involving greatness and combat, or something alike, epicness for sure! At the same time, this song being made for the Audio Portal Deathmatch, it's a good thing that it has this feeling of combat, good job on that! And the instruments in this song, aren't exactly extraordinairy, but give a real epic side to this song, and as for the horns; they are kick-ass. They bring epicness to this piece alone! The power of this song is so strong it seizes you entirely!
So this song is at the same time fantastic, being practicaly flawless, but it's also quite chaotic, I feel a sense of destruction while hearing those great big horns, and that's pretty cool!
For the scene, well it was real hard to get a precise one that goes with it. Before I would only see brief scenes of explosions and detonations... Total chaos... But I finally found something good:
Vietnam, 1963 5:31 P.M.
The battle has barely begun, and chaos is already unleashed. The brave and patriotic soldiers run out to the battlefield, grabbing onto their machine guns, ready to fight. The UH-1 "Huey" helicopters fill the cloudy sky. Chaos sets in when the first mines and bombs start blowing off. Many soldiers lose their lives in those first deadly instants... A helicopter gets hit by a bomb, it's tail is wrecked, the vehicle's doomed. It starts twirling in the sky, falling torwards the ground. A wave of dust covers the soldiers when the UH-1 crashes. Gunshots are heard here and there, back and forth... A soldier is hit, another falls... A wounded soldier falls in a muddy hole, but another comes to rescue him. "Are you okay?" he asks, but when he sees that the bullet has hit near the poor man's heart, he knows the answer... The wounded man takes the soldier's hand and says "Tell my wife, I..." without having time to finish his phrase before death took him away. But the soldier knew exactly what was left to do...
The fight still rages on, and more helicopters fall down, burning in flames and debris... A deadly bunker, set up on a mountain, is just ashes after a smoking UH-1 crashes right in front of it. The stoned bunker bursts into debris, leaving nothing behind... More soldiers die, and not many succeed...
Debris, fire, gunshots, explosions, death... That's what contained the vietnam war...
Hope you liked this, I think I could have done a little better at the end though, tell me what you think!
Merry Christmas my friend,


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FairSquare responds:

Yeah, i liked it!
And the ending was good i think, it fits the song.
Thanks for the great review and sorry for my late response :p

Needs a little work

The underlying melodic ideas in this song are very impressive, however. I think that the song would be better if it had higher production, but high quality orchestra songs are bitchingly hard to make, so I'm going to leave that out of the equation for right now.

The intro is very good, the middle is a bit questionable, and the end is wonderful, bringing the song in a complete circle. The hit at the end could be a bit stronger, though.

I think the instruments in this could use a few more dynamics, since the volumes seem a bit stiff, especially on the flute, which would have sounded far more authentic with volume changes in accordance to how it would be preformed. Overall, this is an impressive song.


FairSquare responds:

Thanks for the review!

oh my god

fucking epic is all i have to sya dude

it has such an empowering feel to it, it also has an oriental sound in some parts, mabye thats just me

what vst's are you using? those strings sound amazing

god this got hit hard by zero bombers...

5/5 10/10

great track, ide like to hear it again if you add on to the ending

FairSquare responds:

Wow, thanks man!
Didn't really expect a ten :p
I'm using Edirol and FL
I'll let you know when i changed/extended the ending.
Again, thanks, i really appreciate it :-)

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