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My first ever attempt at trance. Im quite proud of this as its also the first time i managed to use automation clips for volume and panning.

I made this song using Fl Studio as always, using downloaded samples and effects, with some synths such as the warp synth done with sytrus. Piano is downloaded and is the same piano as in Living a Lie with extra effects.

Thanks go to Blackhole12 for his amazing Sytrus Tutorial and to Supersteph54 for helping with the name and for "constructively&quot ; criticising my songs (as always XD).

Anyway, enjoy and id appreciate any constructive criticism u could leave as ill try to respond back to ur reviews. Enjoy!


EDIT: Fixed bitrate and improved ending.

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OK, This Was Pretty cool, for your first trance song it was EPIC!!!! The bass in there sounded great and i liked the way you incorporated piano in a classical manner with the bass, drums and main synth. The drums were good, but a bit repetetive, the hi-hats were used well but i'd suggest using a bit more kicks and snares. BTW the audience sound rocked. ;P

A kind review

this track clips, reduce the overall levels to increase headroom. google "clipping."

for a nice introduction to piano trance, listen to Robert Miles' "Dreamland" album and anything by Mike Foyle. This here feels more like a rave track.

Since you're new to trance, here's how it works. 32 bar intro with minimal synths, 32 bar outro with minimal synths. Start with a basic beat, bring things in, then bring them out at the end. This is to make trance tracks mixable by djs. (Most trance tracks are at least 5 minutes in length.)

Kick drum needs more punch. Again, google is your friend.

Anyways you've got some good ideas but above all listen to more piano/dream trance and keep working!

Echo responds:

Seriously, i didnt even know whether thsi should be put under trance, cos it sounded like something between a dance and a trance which as u surely know, are similar, but different. True the kick drums need more of a kick but the the track clips are like that because i accidentally rendered it with a low bitrate. Not to worry, im already rendering with the highest bitrate i can render with so the overall quality should improve.

tks for the review though

For your first trance...

...Well, wow, it's really good! This song sounds like it's been done by a guy who's been doing trance all his life XD. Good job, man :). By the way, I didn't HELP you with the name... I INVENTED it for you :P. You may want to fix that :P.

So, onto the melodies. They're quite unique. I liked the intro melody very much, it had a nice hook it. 0:41 was a very good piano solo (heh, reminds me of Blackhole12's alternate melody in his song Aurora Theory), and the part at 1:41 was really well done. The part at 2:41 was a nice addition, but I'd suggest that the notes continue going up in pitch for those few seconds, giving a better climax, since you made the notes go up, then down, and then up, when I think it'd be better if those bars had notes getting higher and higher, until finally the effect plays and the climax ends. One thing that I didn't like with the melodies though was that they were VERY generic. That chord progression (heard most clearly at 1:08) is really overused, especially here on NG, and it's a bit of a bummer hearing it in a song as awesome as this. Also, the part at 2:37 was pretty generic too. Just find a chord progression that's nice but isn't overused ;). By the way, something that's bothering me a little is the tempo. Maybe +5 or so BPM would be a little better :).

As for the instruments, they're nothing too special, but you told me that you downloaded WAV files for the instruments, and, well, you'd have better quality instruments by getting a VST such as Nexus, Vanguard (lol, overused XD), maybe z3ta+ too. Still, instrument choice was OK; I liked your warp synth, and the piano sample was fine, although I think those saw waves don't sound too good. The song needs more bass too (or if there was bass, then definitely turn it up, like, a LOT), but background depth wasn't bad.

Also, a little issue I'm having with the instruments. For some really weird reason (could be my poor excuses for speakers) I'm hearing a lot of the instruments having some sort of static/distortion. Not too sure why. I can hear it mostly in the piano solo at 1:42, so what I'm saying is, if you have a flanger on that piano sample, I'd really suggest that you take it away. Anyway, whatever. Good use of effects, especially that effect at 1:26, and I really liked the cheering at the beginning. Nice use of the reverse cymbal as well, and I'd like to compliment your panning, but since I'm deaf from one ear I have no sense of panning :(.

I can't complain about the transitions - they were all done very well. The effects like the reverse cymbals made some nice transitions too. I just think that 2:44 was a little anti-climatic. I mean, after hearing that effect and the embellishment before it, I expected the drums and all of the synths and piano to play together in a grand finale, so maybe you could try and fix that. I liked the buildup at the beginning, and new instruments were introduced very well.

The song is very well structured which made the song even more enjoyable. You introduced quite a few new melodies but never made the song sound random, so great job! Variety was nice too; I just think that maybe some melodies were dragged out a little too long, especially the second piano solo, but other than that, nice job! Intro was really, really good, loved the cymbals and kicks in the background, plus the cheering and the buildup just made it even better. Ending was abrupt and weird though, it's like that ending melody came out of nowhere. End the song with the chorus along with all the instruments playing together - maybe that'd sound better :).

I can't comment much on the drums since I'm running out of space... Anyway, just saying that the drums were good, if not slightly repetitive and they could've been louder at times too, but the beats and samples were great!

For a first trance song it's excellent, which is why I gave you a 10/10. Just fix the problems mentioned above and it'd be perfect! Sorry for the sudden ending; they should really increase the review character limit.

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