Bank robbers Collab wit BAF

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Pretty fresh, even if i wasnt too happy with my joints. Baf rips right first, i bring up the oop.

And we scoutin out, got 3 on the roof and 2 in the sewer underground. Take the schematics back to the lab, analyze our finds to formulate our plan of attack. I think our best way in is to blow a whole in the floor in the room in the back. Madwigged gives a laugh, he got that look like he wants a bloodbath. I try to calm him down, I tell him once we pull this off we'll wear the crown, we'll be the best bank thieves in the world now. I go in the back room and check the supplies, guns, ammo, vests and numerous sharp knives. The wheelchair plus dressed as an old man is my favorite disguise. C4, enough to blow a city block sky high and my only true love my Mp5. I reminisce on all the lives I've had to take as we've built our rep as criminal masterminds. If they ever catch me n***a gaurantee I'll fry, that's why I'll buck til I die, they'll never take me alive, no way in hell I'll rot for years on the inside, I'm shocked back to life by the sound of my celly vibrating against my knife. Caller ID says it Steven Kis, I pick it up and I say hi, he gives me the pass phrase 'A number 9 with a large fry' he tells me jfade just caught the bank manager and he about to cry, good I say interrogate until he's gives us the password to managers safe, no need to say, make sure they don't find the body for at least five days. I hang up everything seems to be falling into place, I start to chill now it's a quarter past 8. Everything's set all we need now is for everyone to be in the right mental state. I close my eyes and imagine myself moving through the bank with speed and grace.

My Job was simple, keep it chill up in the bank
While my n***as in the safe, getting green to get us paid.
Just play it cool like Baf said and leave it to the fates
Just keep my eyes open for any moves these people make
Then I heard a rustle and I turn around to check,
See the supervisor stick his hand under the desk,
Sweat on his face, as he wonders what happens next,
BLAAAAOW! Pushed 3 slugs right through his chest,
Fessed is the rest of these everyday chumps,
As I pull out the eagle and I put away the pump,
Put the gun to the temple of employee of the month,
Before I pulled the trigger, I heard him take a dump
The voices in my head say they know just what to do,
Pull the trigger, spray the blood and just push right on through,
That's when I heard the sirens... Time to make some moves.
C4 on the door, and grenades in hostage hand,
And I removed all the pins as a part of my plan
This is gonna be amazing I wish I could stay and see
But I got more traps to lay to make these piggies bleed,
I know just how they work, so I got this shit on lock,
When they think the front is blocked they gone try it from the top.
Rigged up some master shit, if only you could see it,
Gas can and trip wires, really kinda genius,
First guy through the vent, nail shed him to pieces,
Then the gas will ignite and they'll be burnin like they're fiendin,
For that crack smack give a dog a bone,
I got a few more tricks to make sure that I get home
That's when I hear the first explosion, a deafining roar,
Of the c4 that exploded when they pushed right through the door,
Followed by some more of grenades going off,
Semi automatic blast of people getting tossed,
Of fuck that's too fast I hear the gas burning now,
There's just no fucking way that we all will make it out
I guess I'll take as many as I can while my people get out

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Time to mak sum moves

Did ya'll get killed? Was it a dog day afternoon? I dunno, maybe the gunshots at the end were ya'll shootin holes in the beat? naw, can't be-that happened with the lyks. Pretty fat lil track here K-Nadi was puttin me on sum old madwigged a few days ago, I'm anticipativly awaiting more madness from out ur wig.

Madwigged responds:

Thats whats up man. Thanks for the respect man. Ima have too peep out your shit. Ima try to pump more shit out soon. Stay up.

The definition of niceness....

HAHA...employee of the fuckin' month...good ass line man, Dwalk hater for life back on newgrounds, people better recognize son! You did ass good job with the repetitiveness of the beat...and that damn gun play sound effects at the end are raw as hell. These cats are raw.

Madwigged responds:

Haha yeah, i conveniently had nothing written for this shit... Caus i wanted to make it fit yours. Came out decent.... Fuckin steady ass beat.


What a entry back to NG!! Awesome shytes. Cant wait to hear some more!

Madwigged responds:

good lookin brogee

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Dec 12, 2009
12:44 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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