Break Fast Serial

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Don't worry, there's still toys in the Serial box o==[+===>

Poised for progression, my lyrikal obsesseion
I use it to irradicate the demons of oppression
causein frequent messes, Qouagulated thoughts
are sardine packed ready for leapin outside the box
Non-stop wit a new way, to say mine
Big props to the underground independent minds
It's time for me to let it rip and speak about the truth
If you can't handle that, get the fuck up out the booth

(Verse 1
I chop suey ritual constiuents like dexter
when i'm finished you will need a corpse bride teather
Severed from the mainstream,unchangeing insularity
A literary masterpeice contracted for my clarity
Without all the hilarity of indica in papers
I would be insane and brimming to aim the laser
If and when you notice i'm killin like mickey knox
I've decided on a life where i'm constantly seein spot
Sound off through a Bic and a five-star, my parts played
yes I'm a charachter true, but that don't mean that i'm fake
I see intelegence as skillets and plates
Armed with a fork and knife i'm diggin through the cabbage and stakes
I motor mouth and always ravage the lakes
and hop ponds to the hip drop, flow spot on
Maneuver lucifer to A2 no kingdom or pawns
tell him checkmate like leather face an tear him apart

(Verse 2
The expression of myself is all I have to call my own
So habitually spittin is sumthin I truely know
On the road, battle through the up-hill grades
Still strugelin but I strive to keep the house bills paid
Under shdae of dark clouds that haunt my villainous past
while the demons within me strangle with their venemous grasp
Ill outlast, But the battles gettin thougher everyday
The voices in my head they try to | mess with me and say
(You'll never make it through all $ the trouble, you'll surely fail)
But I never let aggresors deflect%*#me or make me frail
So pale feelin ill chuggin whiskey|-|for my survival
The people in my family say that I|-|might need the bible
(Nope!) I've got a set of personal|V|beliefs
So when the bad comes I never feel too hurt from all the greif
Call me crazy or maybe like manson you could call me preist
If you fuck with my cerebelum i'll label you deceased


A lyrical delicacy!

A poetic blast of godlike lyrics just penetrated my headphones and wormed it's way into my head.
After I recovered from being blasted by the lyrics, I manage to gather myself together again and write this out whilst listening to the song, in a semi-trance.
You truly have talent when it comes to making songs that not only amaze with their smooth, mesmerizing rhymes and somewhat laid back, mellow beats, but pummel the listener into their seat with the fast, well thought out lyrics that draw you into the song and lock you in a trance that lasts until you pull yourself out enough to click the stop button on the song.

I have to say that the Marilyn Manson reference at the end of verse two made me smile, It was a nice little nod to the reverend. I have to say, the sound of the demons' voice sortof contrasted starkly to the smoothness of the rest of the song. It's kind of like a knot in the grain of wood if you want to make a visual analog, it stops the quick fire pummeling of the lyrics and breaks you out of the mesmerizing beat, but because of that it makes you need to hear the song again to regain the lost nirvana.

On another note, I respect you for your ability to do your songs with little profanity, it gives it a more professional feel to it, and adds to the smoothness of the song.

Keep up the good work and blow us away with more stuff like this!

White boy out.


LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

wow dude, this is the best review i've ever had, it had me standin up yellin and accidently pourin beer on my roomie. Thanx alot for the props, The demon voice is supposed to sound like the dude from power rengers that is just a beam of light, I forget his fucking name lol but yeah, that represents the demons that I battle everyday trying to create sumthing clever yet acceptable. I'm glad you enjoy this clever transition from the norm and thanx for the review.

Im Diggin It

The Reverse Intro Is With The Sickness Mang

I Like Your Spittin Style,
Kinda Bouncy And Smooth, But With Feeling

The Verse Lyrics Are Tight Too

Mad Props On This Track,
And Always Good To Hear A Fellow Sampler

Stay Up


I remember downloading this beat back in 2010 before I started making my own.

I used to bump this shit on the daily on the way to school man.
Thanks for bumpin these vibes.

Skillz skills skilla!

Lyricism at its finest. I can't even choose a favouite line because there are so many. Well done man.

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

haha thanks, can't wait for the collab to drop


i'm glad to have been lead to these gems

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

Haha thanx

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Hip Hop - Olskool
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