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[OS] Beyond The Snow

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This song was written in early october, about a week after Brianna stopped talking to me for the last time. I think I wrote it because I knew that our relationship was over - which at the time represented some fairly drastic consequences. But I didn't want to believe that it was over. I wanted to capture the tiny hope she had given me before it disappeared.

So this song is an accumulation of a lot of feelings and symbolisms on my part. during that time. I had really, really wanted to end it with the same breath effect you hear in this right now - but with both her voice and mine recorded for it. Perhaps I just wanted to heal our friendship... But what you hear is only my voice overlapped in two different ways to make it sound like I had imagined it. Brianna did tell me she was willing to do the recording, but since then I haven't heard a single word from her - even when we've seen each other in person. So I guess it won't be happening.

I put a lot into this - it's not just about Brianna, it's about life. My life. Her life. Even your life. It's about thoughts and transcience in meanings, and everything we are.

The snow is a symbolism - Brianna's eyes always looked like snowflakes to me, so I thought that "Beyond The Snow" would be a cool and mostly appropriate name for the piece. Of course, in this case, "The Snow" refers not just to Brianna, but to everyone.

On one hand, this song is like a farewell... yet on the other...

This song is a glance into the eyes of the universe.

Be at peace.

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I've listened to this piece at least twice now, the first time having been a long time ago, yet never left a review for it. Mind you, I don't normally leave reviews, but this song really moved me. Too much, in fact. I was unable to write anything due to all the emotion, but now, I think I can manage. I used to have a girlfriend who was, ironically, named Brianna as well. It would have worked out, if not for her steadily worsening depression and her horrible family. She couldn't stand to let people see her in a depressed state, so she eventually cut off contact with me, despite both our wishes to the contrary. I tried waiting for her, but she never returned.

One day, years later, I happened to notice a bookmark of one of her journal sites. Upon checking it, I saw that her last update was one of her almost getting into an accident, broken down and crying because some asshole had bullied her on the road. She was worried about sounds her car was making, and posted nothing after that. It had been months since her last post. At that point, I feared the worst for her.

Your song brought all of those memories flooding back, but... it also reminded me of the good times we had before the bad, and how she at least managed to have some moments of happiness in her life. The ending of your song really brings a sensation of bittersweet release... and the last sentence in your author's comments... while not intended that way, really helped me to feel at peace with her fate, and gave me hope that things will work out for us both, either in this life or the next.

I read the comment below, and I'm happy to see things are better for you now. May you continue to create beautiful music and find happiness.

ObsidianSnow responds:

I'm not really sure what to say to that...

I can say that your story has had an effect on me, though. I wish I had more words for you...

I think that of anyone I've heard from so far, you've understood this song to the greatest extent. I don't manage to reach a lot of people that way, and it's indescribably gratifying to hear when it does happen.

To be honest, I have dozens of unfinished projects from the last year that I never could find the muse or the drive to finish. But something about what you said just clicked with me. Perhaps now I can find a way to finish a few... Thank you. For your review, for your story, and for your intentions.

All the best to you, and may you always find what it is that heals you.


Just as your description says, captures a moment/hope. Lovely piece =). Hope things are for the better for you!

ObsidianSnow responds:

Thank you, p4r4d1s3. And yes, things are better now. Everything always does come around.

Thanks again for the review.

Very Nice.

This really does illustrate the relationship the two of you had, either at one point, or currently. It holds a lot of emotion as far as pain goes, but a lot of hope. Another very strong piece of this is memories that you're still working with I think. If one closes their eyes and listens, I find that there is an entire landscape placed within this piece. Mostly of snowy hills glittering in the sun with spaces of trees, and these notes are the wind whispering over those patches of trees and glittering snow dunes. Echoing throughout the piece, and characterized by the few seconds worth of echoing you've added to every note is everything you'd have liked to say to her, and have liked to hear back from her.

In some cases, I thought that the piece didnt flow as well as it tried too, and that the echo actually held it back in some cases, where it was just too heavy and pulled your attention away from the softer notes that tried to lead you elsewhere. Also, as for your voicing over, I am rather disappointed that I didn't hear it. If I heard it, I thought of it more as the wind that brought life to that landscape I've described earlier. Overall, not too bad. Its nice to see you back and composing for us laymen to enjoy as well as those who pay for your masterful control of notes on a piano.

ObsidianSnow responds:

Thanks a lot, Selene. I certainly appreciate the review, and the amount of insight you put into it. I'm glad you liked it, too.

Thanks again for the review.


"This song is a glance into the eyes of the universe."
So true.
This song has that mysterious X-Factor that barely any music captures. It's like it speaks to a deep part in your heart.

Keep on chugin'.

I hope you recover from whatever affliction ails you.

Peace and Love.

ObsidianSnow responds:

I'm glad you saw this one for what it was, and what it had within it. "That mysterious X-factor"... It certainly can create some wonderful things when it's channeled correctly. But I don't believe the "X-factor" itself is so mysterious, rather I think the real mystery is how it is that it becomes portrayed in a medium like this, and how it is that such tiny differences it causes in the medium can be so clearly percieved by any person. The "X-factor" is Emotion. It's what makes the difference between a song that you really enjoy, and a song that makes you cry every time you hear it.

It's a beautiful thing.

And thank you - I have indeed recovered, but I truly appreciate the gesture.

Thank you, KB1PKL.

very nice

i liked it. good job. i thought the pause before the actual music started was a little long but the song itself was quite worth the wait. i'm glad you tried something where one could see it as being in the imagination because that's hard to do with your busy music style. you did a great job of controling that so that it was busy (or vivid) at the right places and slow and undisernable at other parts. what i would challenge you to do is try something with more very low volume, mood setting layers to give the tone and the vauge impression of the imagionation a little more acturately. over all i have to say that this was a very exciting piece and very strong. the insperation really came through for you in this.
i'm glad you could get past the snow.

ObsidianSnow responds:

lawl, buddy, if I didn't know how bad your speakers were... It sounds like there's nothing at the beginning because your speakers are terrible (I'm pretty sure you know as well as I do how bad they are). There's a nice weather effect that fades in at the beginning and flows throughout the entire piece. Try using headphones (I'll lend you a pair if you don't have any, but I'm pretty sure you have some decent ones... didn't you have a wireless set once upon a time?)

Other than that, it looks like you actually put some significant thought into this. I appreciate that. So thank you for the review, kulg.

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