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yeah... this is the best i have preformed on my keyboard recently.. so i turght it was a good time to test out some new mastering precipes i had ben thinking about... please review... the trance lead (arp'ish) in second half might be removed or changed. if anything else needs to be polished then let me know.

Update (Render number 14) : fixed some minor EQ trubble, sidechained lead to bass drum, added scratch and crash, redone compression, calibrating master EQ, AND changed the name...


beautiful piano!

such hard work put into this.....awesome song....its so cool.....ITS PWNAGE

combatplayer responds:

thanks yet again man :D


I don't know what to say. This is awesome. Truly awesome.

combatplayer responds:

Thanks man :D


This is some really great stuff you got here man! You could maybe make it into a loop ya know? It was a little quiet for the first few seconds but it had a nice effect. It was really cool how you used aspects from allot of genres. I hope to see more in the future! You are a really unique artist. I hope I helped you in any way!
u in any way!

- Erican

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combatplayer responds:

Thanks a lot mate :D I like to mix up genras, in as many ways as I posibly can lol, but my original goal was to make atleast one decent song of any genre on the field. So far I'm not even close to that lol. Most of the decent tracks i make are combintaions of a lot of stuff, so they doesn't count lol. but most of all i just like making it, it's a great hobbie. =P

Thanks for your review ^^ Peace out man.


I know i am answering a bit late, i just had a lot of stuff to do xD

Anways here i go.

I noticed the user "mjattie" commented here below and pointed out a few tips for you to fix the song, after reading his comment and listening to this song i find it really hard to point out any glitches or bad notes..

This song is without a doubt one of mine new top 5 favorite songs, and i really love how you keep your songs fresh and original, if i would compare this song to anything i gotta say this song just might be fit for "Mirror's Edge"

5/5 - 10/10

All the best champ! ^_^

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combatplayer responds:

thanks man. ^^ i have tried to fix most of the points he mantioned, alli personaly could ask for more in this tack would be some more variation. but i couldent write another part of mellody that would fit this one ^^'' but the parts i tried to write were used on ther tracks. like the one i just uploaded for instance. check it out if u want lol.

jazzy? :O

win: I like the piano and the glitchy synths (?) which are on some piano notes. That trance-like lead is quite nice! The background synths also sound nice and I want to congratulate you for the overal result! It's a download for me!

"fail" (I wouldn't say fail :P but that's the way you asked me xD): Mastering... When the drums and bass drop in, everything sounds overcompressed. Maybe put the volume down of some instruments, or (re)equalize them, though then it won't sound the same... It's not jazzy :P.

Tips: maybe ad some more high-pitched hi-hats. Try to find a better piano sampler or better keyboard so that it sounds more real played. I wouldn't say this is live played (also because it's quantized(<--that's not bad though!)) Try sidechaining the trance synth with the bass drum if you want to xD

Overal: nice synths, nice piano, nice drums, bit poor compressed (mixing is OK ;)). The "fail" isn't really fail xD

5/5, 9/10, download

MW-Audio (Mjattie)

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combatplayer responds:

Thanks man :D i did notice the compression and i till change that. And there is some high pitched hihats but i lowered them allot. Also, the drums that kick in with the bass isent mastered besides for the main EQ so allot of room for improvements on that area. So most of the points u mentioned are fixable so ill definatly have a look on them when i get home. And about the name lol. That will most likely change if i get some sort of lyricks or story onto it... Oh and the piano is a HEAVELY mastered and over mixed FL keys. Though i like the sound it got. The piano is played by hand but as u said, quantised. I could never make a piano part like that in a sequencer or whatever lol..

Thanks allot for your review and nice (wise too lol) words ^^

Eddit: i tried fixing most of the problemes u mentioned PLUS a little of my own inspiration.. but in returnit now eats over 6GB RAM and my CPU almost twice.
i dont know if it helped but i hope it did ^^

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Dec 1, 2009
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