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Hello all, I bring to you a new song I've been working on recently along with a few others. After being without the net for a few days I'm back and up and running. After this song I got 2 more songs I will uploaded sometime this week or next. Depends if I get off my lazy ass and finish them lol.
I don't really know where I got the inspiration to do this track but hey inspiration does'nt have a schedule LOL(Family guy qoute). If any of those feel they want to do vox for it let me know, there is plenty of room for them. But you need to have your own gear and knowledge of recording high quality vocals. PM me if you are interested. Thanks for listening!





Very good 5/5 10/10 and all, but it could use more lead guitar. You should listen to my "onward to victory" song, that has good lead in it, but it's short, like one minute.

so much balls i need to eat a salad

fuck man... i've only just decided to come back to this place to learn you're leaving... that's gay as a bag of butterflies (damn faggot butterflies!)

this was shit-hot... and once again, not what I was expecting from you! Then again, I've been away for awhile.

I love this sort of metal... in a similar vein to Meshuggah etc etc really heavy, headbanging, and with insane guitar strum patterns & drumbeats.

This would be wicked fun to add vox to. I wouldn't say my vox are high quality, though... more like "nasty quality" D:


not your usual style but it's still awesome dude! it's great to be well rounded in the world of music! and you're one of the few who makes different types of music and not stuck in one hole.. lol

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There will be uprising.

Since I listened to this. This is really groovy, and heavy too. Usually, I don't hear something heavy like this from you, a possible new style perhaps?

Anyways, I liked basically all the riffs used, the high notes with the strong influence of echo effects leading into the solos after the middle quotient were especially exquisite, being a really interesting contrast.

Of course, I can't neglect the groovy opening riffs. When I started to beleive that they were becoming repetitive, they'd progress, thanks for reading my mind sir lol.

The rythm used too was interesting, I always tend to like something that sounds like the rudiments some sort of lag creation. I say lag, since I don't know the actual terminology, but it's the closest thing I can use to describe.

The bassline sounded nice and rumbly, rich, simple as far as I could discern, but necessarily so, has anyone mentioned that you have serious talent? Lol.

Drums sound strong and flexible to me, can't say much since I have an IQ of -20 when discussing percussion.

I have to admit the middle-section bothered me a slight bit, only since it went on longer than I would have expected, but the rest is really awesome, including those solos.

My MP3 might not know how to handle this.

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Metaljonus responds:

Dude, thanks for the wicked review man! YOU are one of the few who get what I go for in my songs at times and god damn it thanks!

fairly awesome

yeah the beginning did a bit of sucking...til u got to 1:21 and did that sick solo

Metaljonus responds:

Hmmmmm no song for you. :P

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Nov 30, 2009
8:30 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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