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The Untraceable

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Author Comments

Just started working on a new song.....


Good starting structure

I like the muted feel of this piece, it adds to the "Untraceable," mysterious feel of tracking a suspected individual down.

I don't know what kind of panning you have considered thus far, but some panning would do great for filling up the entire stereo space. I feel as though it's all in the center right now.

I don't know if there are drums right now. I hear a slight rhythm in the background. I think that is good for a part of the loop/song, whichever it comes out to be. I would start a slow, heavy drum beat at 0:27. If you are curious about that, let me know, I'd be glad to give you an idea as to what I mean. I just don't know how else to describe what I am thinking besides "slow, heavy drum beat."

-Good stuff so far, I like how it's shaping.


I have a piece I am working on too, care to check it out?

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/296420

Good start

The song has a lot of potential in this early stage. The background beat is very driving and very powerful. It's just the kind of song that gets your adrenalin pumping even though you still have to sit through a cut scene and the preface of the battle (the boss is mocking you, the character mocks back and so forth). I have this feeling in my fingertips that I always get when a boss battle is about to start... I just don't want to lose a second and instantly hit him with all I got.

But the song still can be developed further. First of all it's a bit too short and could get boring after a while. And also it doesn't leave the "preface state". While my fingers are itching and I want to beat up the boss the game still isn't done with the cut scene yet.
So I suggest you try to add some more parts to the song. Some parts that are even more powerful than the "preface" and maybe even a bit faster. Or else it sounds like a really slow battle. ;)

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mopembopem responds:

Awesome, your feedback gives me a good direction of where I need to go with it. Thanks a lot :-)

Could have a little more

I think it's a little short to be a boss battle, but it's a good start for a track. I think that you've got a good foundation that could be built upon by adding additional extras to it, like a solo and then eking the track out for another minute or two at the very least.

If we're talking video game combat here, we need to assume that there will be more than 55 seconds of the fight, so it needs to be a little more than we've got at present.

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mopembopem responds:

Thanks for the pointers, my intention was to get some feedback before I continue with further development of this song.

Hard boss

This sounds like a piece that would be used if you encountered a really hard boss in a game or be used in an area right before you face the boss that is powerful or whatever, very nice little beat anyways.

Guitar: Very simple riff, not too bad either, could have been a little heavier though towards the end.

Bass: Enjoy how it sounds just as if it were only about two or three notes that repeat itself.

Drums: Sounds extremely simple too me, no improving needed.

Piano: Makes it sound a bit more sinister to me, nice work there.

Overall: No need to improve this piece in my opinion, nice job here.

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mopembopem responds:

I really appreciate your opinion :-)

Just one thing to say.....

W00T!!!! >:3

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Nov 29, 2009
1:15 AM EST
Video Game
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