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Planet Seoul

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Unfortunately due to lack of time, I could not slap on a deesser but the noise gates are here. Not fully mastered, but hope you enjoy. Also forgive the fade out at the end. I got to start studying!

Bye for now

P.S. No, I did not spell Seoul (Soul) wrong. If you know your geography, seoul will mean something.

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I've listened to this track countless times. The way you diversify the main theme with added percussion, changing yet staying the same, morphing. It's beautiful. I'd love for more music like this. You have an absolute knackered talent for diverse pieces that still grab your attention for such a long time. More music please!

Nice track. I liked the different instruments you introduced as the mix progressed - you have a knack for a balanced mixdown. In the beginning, the initial bass seemed to slightly overwhelm the kick, but it resurfaces when the kick changes. The atmosphere you created with this track definitely matches the title!

The only other thing I really notice is that the percussion volume could be a little bit higher, and the synths overall could have a VERY slight reduction in volume. Sometimes, the higher synths are a bit too loud in the mix. Nothing overwhelming noticeable, but I think a slightly lower volume on some of the more piercing synths could help to create a better percussion/synth balance.

Thanks so much for this track, it was smooth listening. Looped it a couple times because it was so nice :) Favorited 5/5

Music-story responds:

DIdn't expect anyone to review my old stuff. Thanks for the feedback. You may not agree with me, but I am disappointed with this song as it doesn't tell a story. It is just a mix mash of different themes. However, the happy new year song you already heard is exactly how I want to convey my stories. I will not be making revisions to the song because like all my really old stuff I store it away in a folder somewhere on the computer back at home. In other words I move on to other better things. Thanks for your time.

what up ms!!!

i like this house/trance song its rather good. the synth blips seem to be off a bit at times like they were not on key only but a half second. but i like this.
good she.

Music-story responds:

Hi Dooby,

Your correct on the timing (I think you mean timing not key) being off a bit. I added a "Swing" effect to this song. Swing adds in more of this dance feel rather than the stale on time beat. Professionals use swing time in a lot in their dance songs. You should try it out. Works for most people...except you, but I am surprised that you actually recognized it. Good ear.

Bye for now

I likes.

Writing as I listen for first time...

At 30 secs, that bass line seems to start off beat, bothers me a bit...
Around 2:00, beautiful...
Enjoying pulsating/reverberating synth as well...
Huh, seems to change themes a lot, slightly odd...
It's kinda like a medley...
Heh, trippy around 3:05 or something...
4:20's part is sick...
Dandy guitar part thar...

Ok, song's over.
I liked the fade out.
Also, very reliant on ambient effects along with main.
Good beat usage; doesn't stick out much, but isn't not noticable.
Very skilled work; better than anything I've ever done.

<3 zi~

Music-story responds:

Like all my songs, after a week I start thinking my songs are terrible. I'm not satisfied until I reach the quality of my favorite musician, Paul van dyk. The bad thing is that I probably will never reach his level, but the good thing is that I always have something to strive for since I'll never be better than him. Thanks for the nice comments. I can't tell you how diverse my music will be in the future. Some of my future songs may be more diverse and some may be less diverse. Whatever happens, happens.

I'll review your latest if you ask. Ask as many times as you feel like and I'll be sure to review all your new songs in the future.

Bye for now

Love it

Love your use of ambience with trance. You truly are great with multiple genres.
I don't know why you think the fade out at the end was a bad thing, i personally thought it went well with the music.
I know I'm repeating myself but I LOOOVE the trancy-ambient parts.
Did you use some synth keyboard with a lot of delay/reverb about two thirds through the song?
Oh and the background fills after 4:18 until the end... love them. Mind I ask what instruments/presets you used?
5/5, 10/10, and DL'd

Music-story responds:

Well, telling you what presets I used won't help much. When I use a preset instrument, I make numerous changes to it that you won't be able to recognize which preset I used if you had my music program, logic pro 8. As for plugins there are few presets used, but your program is different from mine so that won't help you either.

About the fade out. I like the fade out, but I think it cuts off awkwardly at the very end of the song. I should make the fade out more gradual....too lazy to fix though.

Not sure which instrument your referring to when you say 2/3 through the song. However, I didn't using any synth keyboard. I have a pretty basic keyboard and I'm too poor to buy a good one.

Thanks for the support and i'll check out one of your latest.

Bye for now

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Nov 28, 2009
3:13 PM EST
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