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Rbum2 - semi-sad pop

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an idea i had in my head for a while now, but it turned out to be not very super, but still good enough to post in my opinion... please check out my other submissions! and comment please!! if anyone has an idea how to make this sound more fluent and natural... made in fl studio 8

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My review, your song.

Intros with your loop, sounds sytrus-ee, has no dynamics. Volume dynamics on it will make it sound much more natural. Filter cut off dynamics tends to make it sound a bit more organic aswell as adding a stronger rhythm.

0:05 Low Pad Comes in. Also sounds like its sytrus.

These two continue until 0:30, the lead comes in, the instruments so far have a good spectrum of frequency and note range (IE not all in the same octave, theres nothing wrong with such, but it tends to be easier to write clearly when things are apart).

You use repetition in your melodies (aswell as OF the melodies, but that's less important), when notes are hitting multiple times in a row, those previously mentioned volume dynamics will really make it sound far far better.

0:45 drums come in. Their very simple, rather quiet, but they do mesh well with this song. I think more drum work would have added a lot to this song, having a few extra snare rolls and maybe a cymbal or two thrown in.

1:30 is when the first (and only) bridge really comes in. Overall it has a good effect on the song, segments it and breaks the repition. You've stated yourself its not 'very super' and I think the main thing contributing to that is the level of repeition in this 2:25 long song.

2:00 back to intro loop for outro. I think had this been perhaps a reverse of the beginning, or the notes descending, it would have a cool effect. While it does make the song loop, its not a stellar way to end a song.

Overall, this songs fine, quite tolerable, the issues are simplicity, length, and mixing. 2:25 is a pretty short song. While theres nothing wrong with shortness, I think this could have easily been a longer song and still be enjoyable.

Simplicity as in repetition and progression of the song, the song consists of a rather small number of loops and once you've heard it, its got no surprises. Its basically a 4 chunk peice of intro, chorus, bridge, intro used again. Altered outro, or a second bridge near the 1:00 mark would make the songs progression I think much stronger. Now you don't necessarily have to go back to this and make the changes I've said, but keep in mind for future projects that repetition is your friend, however make sure you are queing up when things repeat, instead of having it just end up repeating. Also consider pop songs, their progression usually follows a super simple setup of ABABA where B is chorus, A is bridge. So Intro, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro. Super simple progression, super not repetitive.

As for the mixing, it sounds ilke you aren't using the mixer channels within FL. To clarify, thats when you open from the step sequencer (where you write the music) your sound channels (your instruments). Usually the synth interface opens up as well as the "Channel Settings" (Rectangular grey FL built in interface). In the upper right hand corner of the "Channel Settings" window is a value input with "|__FX__|" Under neath it. Simply scroll the number up/down to a target mixer channel. Open the mixer channel, throw on effects, and now you are using effects/mixing.

Mixing specifically has to do with panning/volume options, which is where you can emphasize certain frequency ranges to make a song sound more full. The typical thing to do here is add a limiter and compression to your channels that are either too loud or too quiet. Raise bass on your bass instruments, raise mid-high freq range on your drums to define them more. Often subtle stereo on acompaniment works nicely.

Mixing is very much technical and a skill all in itself so its best to do subtle changes, often the huge ones while 'wackey' sound bad.

Rbum2 responds:

oh this is huge :) thanks millions mate for your time!! splendid review!!


its okay.

Rbum2 responds:

well hmm... thx

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Nov 27, 2009
5:33 PM EST
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