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Idep (WIP) 4/9 done

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Author Comments

Well I added a little bit more to the song but it is still rather short and I have yet to work on the second half of this song. (Going to be another 6 minute song.)

Some people have said this sounds like Rammstein... I could never amount to him but to some I seem to be getting pretty damn close.... More or so than I have ever thought.

Oh well the image here remains the same.

You walk into a city or a town and there is absolutely NO ONE. As far as other people outside the area they say nothing bad has happened. But there are no dead bodies, and no one to tell a story... So.... would you run away or dig in a little bit?


sorry for late reply this account was banned by my hotmail finally got it back my new account is mybrainbecametechno.

About the track.

It was going to get started really good at 2:00 and everything was coming together and then just stop good intro really calm and nice everything clean bass not over loud its soft in the background like the muffle drums high hats are clean reece bass line or solo arp lead is soft and warming to the track makes it full.

TheCon-Sept responds:

This song... I had such an idea behind this track.

What I envisioned was a place where no one is living no longer. And like I said before. Absolutely nothing tells you what happened here. but... you can see the entire town is filled in with scripture. or at least what looks like scripture all around this town. I still can't reveal why this town exists in the manner that it does.

Just use your imagination in the lines of the Bermuda triangle...

A Visitor to the Ghost Town

It's perfect for the first stage of a survival horror game.

The player is unnerved and uneasy, but is not yet panicking and fighting for his life. It would go well with scenes where the player is glimpsing flickers of movement from the corners of his eye, but never quite seeing the things which are shadowing him. The player would feel that he was under surveillance but has no idea where the watchers are.

The stretched out tones are creepy but the crisp drum beats and the up tempo rythym keep it tense and exciting and stop it becoming a droning lament.

I also loved the sparse twangy guitar chords that start at 02.00, the way they echo slightly reinforces the idea of a deserted space.

Having some of the sounds fading in and out subtly is also good for suggesting stealthy background movement in the mind of the listener.

My only complaint is that I would like it to be a bit longer with more of the mournful echoing Spanish guitar sounds you used towards the end of the track.

Overall, I think you have really hit your target and are acheiving the intended atmosphere.

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TheCon-Sept responds:

Like I wrote below the aim was to unearth a tale within a tale. I was actually going to make this an ever lasting song for 10 minutes. I was going to have it build up different beats and different melodies and harmonies each and every time you figured out one piece of the puzzle. This town is the center of all answers. It is all written in art. When you figured out one piece a part of the town would suddenly open up. As if the spirit of the town had more art hidden underneath everything. This would immerse the gamer into thinking there is something at the end of the halls if they can just figure out what all the art is telling them.


U're definitely going the right way! I still see the empty town! This song makes me wanna find out what happened to the city! This is really good I could see it in a movie or a game! Good work!

TheCon-Sept responds:

Well the game really isn't going anywhere... Basically in this part the city was supposed to be barren. As if everyone had just vanished before you arrived. But the aim was to intrigue people to figure out the clues in this city to unveil the "true" ending of the game. This one city is the real answer to everything about the game. But the clues are rather tough to decipher. See the whole town knew of what was happening behind everything. They knew about their entire vision for the whole world. But it only took one to ruin it for everyone in the town. Every square inch of the town was basically them recording the history of this group and everything they had done to change it into their vision. But they encased it in art. They encased every ones name in art. Where they met. What they had done without depicting it flat out. Such as a rose with thorns would mean death instead of love. The town was smart enough to do this so that people would be able to find its meaning. But most look at it in awe never knowing what it truly was meant for. Interesting concept is it not? Like, how many people actually take out the"outer box art paper" from the video game box and look at the back side of it?

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4.43 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2009
12:04 PM EST
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2.8 MB
2 min 28 sec

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