ECHO - Red Dawn (2009)

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Just imagine, the sun creeping up from behind the horizon, the leafless autumn trees giving shelter to the last few birds as the blood red rays of the sun illuminated the whole sky, turning each cloud a different shade, forming a multicoloured patch cloak in the sky. The rumble of thunder can be heard in the distance as the world wakes up, warning of the coming of winter, of snow, of ice. But the traces of summer are still around us, searching for a way to survive. The music is everywhere...All you have to do...is listen....

Well, i finally finished the WiP i submitted a couple of weeks ago and thanks to the fantastic reviews and help i got, i was able to finish Red Dawn, adding reverb, a whole lot of melodies, sound effects and a lot of other stuff.

In case anyones wondering, all music is made on a real synth and then transferred to FL Studio where i add effects and stuff.

Note: I know it's useless saying this, but please don't zero-bomb.


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*Sniff* That was amazing!!

This is so cool. Seriously, one more song like this, and you're going straight on my Favourite Author's list, and trust me, it takes a LOT to get in there ;).

Melodies are just purely amazing. They're probably what took me aback the most in this musical masterpiece. They were so fast paced, I can just smell the country air, feel the breeze on my face and see a red dawn dominating all surroundings before my eyes just hearing this. OK, so maybe I can't, but it's still cool saying so XD. Seriously though, those melodies, although they have that hook which makes them stick to your head, and although they have such a fast rythm, they still retain that majestic and powerful feel. I LOVED the alternate melody at 1:27, and the one at 1:54, plus there was a very nice embellishment somewhere around 2:03. 2:49 had a nice counter-melody too, with some really, really cool fast notes.

The one thing that annoyed me a little was the fact that the background didn't change much. The same four chords for almost the whole song. When remembering that an amazing countryside view around a red dawn is supposed to be full of different things to look at, that kind of contrasted with the same repetitive four chords this song had. Also, I was looking for a brass solo. Even though the piano is the main instrument of this song, it never hurts to give a brass solo, after all, that brass sounds very majestic, and we won't want it always rejected in the background, now, would we? XD

The instruments were very nice. I see you used the piano sample I sent you, and I see you used the brass I sent you too... Cheapskate :P. Lol, joking, you really used them well in this song. I would like some more instruments though. I believe a plucked guitar would fit well for the melody at 1:27, and this could do with some flutes here and there (not too many though. I know how much you like flutes, and you could over-exaggerate :P). I really liked that you put in some birds chirping at the beginning and end, they fit really well. You could've put in more sound effects like a lion roaring majestically or something, but what the heck, great job with the birds!

The transitions are really perfect. I liked the transition at 1:25-ish, and the reverse cymbals you put in around the song really made some good transitions. All new instruments/melodies were introduced perfectly, and there was a good slight buildup to the main melody at the beginning. The structure is pretty simple; the usual chorus - melody - chorus - melody, etc, but I think it fit well with this song, so nice job over there too. Variety is fine, apart from the background accompaniment being almost the same for the whole song. Other than that, there were as many alternate melodies as a guy could ask for.

The intro was flawless, but the ending needs working on. Either you repeat that melody you played at the end for 6 times instead of twice, with a few subtle changes in each repetition, and then you end it, or else you end it as you start it, with the chords, and make the last note the same as the one you started with, except longer. Still, you had a nice idea for the ending, and if you just used that idea a little better, it would've been perfect.

Ahh, the drums. I see you used those drum beats I made (credit me, much? :P). Apart from the fact that a lot of the time they were too quiet, they fit nicely with the song, but they were so quiet, I occasionally forgot that they were there, so if you could make them a little more prominent throughout the song, it would've been great. I loved that you used a gong around the song though, it gave that echoey background depth to the song, which I quite liked.

There's not much more to add to this review (which, by the way, reached the character limit XP XP). All that needs working on is the loudness of the drums, the variety of background accompaniment, the ending, maybe putting in some more instruments, and giving that brass a solo somewhere in the song. Seriously, though, I enjoyed this a lot. Keep it up!!!

-Review Request Club-

Echo responds:

Uh...im not gonna read all that :P


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Nov 24, 2009
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