SN/ Spirits of the Fifth Floor

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ambient idm music

i decided to put it in miscellaneous cuz it doesnt perfectly fit ambient or dnb, so i went with that

at a hospital near where i live, the fifth floor is where people go when they try to kill themselves

fifth floor is also a play on words for this songs time signature, which is a time signature i will never work with again, fuckin difficult

review, vote, and fav if you like it

peace out



i'm a little off with this one...

Very well done done get me wrong... and some great sounds. but i cant put my finger on it.... but something is wrong.

although the bouncy bass i really liked ALOT

SessileNomad responds:

im glad you liked it

the song is in 5/4, that might be why it sounds off

Good work

A well constructed piece, that comes together with a nice melody, carried along by a pulsing beat. Perhaps a little on the short side, but not bad at all.

If it had been looped, the length issues could be dealt with in on fell swoop, leaving only issues with perhaps the fact that it's quite a 'flat' piece that lacks in dimensions - you could perhaps use more instruments to give a bigger impression, perhaps coupled with a solo, to add more body, or something similar. I think that it's not one of your best, but that said, you've still produced something of a standard that most artists on NG would kill to achieve.

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Nice nice

Sorry I didn't get around to reviewing this until now.I listened to it last week when you PMed me. I really really like it. The glitching is really intense. It sounds great and very unique. The pads are really nice too. I really dig the one at about 1:00. It's really vast and epic sounding.

I always liked 5/4. I tend to write really wacky stuff in it, but you managed to make some really emotional and beautiful music in it. My only gripe with this is in the mixing. Everything melts together unnaturally, although don't take my word for it. I'm shit at mixing myself. Great work dude :)

SessileNomad responds:

yeah i didnt spent a huge deal of time with the mixing on this one, so i agree with that

5/4 blows and i hate it xD

glad you liked it dude, w/o you i never would have been inspired to make a crunchy ambient tune, so yeah, thanks for that

later dude. peace out

Very interesting mix of genres

Wait, do the people go to the fifth floor and then jump out of the window to kill themselves or do they go there after they tried to commit suicide?-.-

Anyway, the song is really nice. The mix between ambient and DnB is something I never heard before, but it seems to work perfect. At least it works the way you did it.

At first the song was a bit too slow for me. The DnB only seems to be more present at the later parts of the song, but after I listened to it a few times the atmosphere you create with the ambient sounds in the earliert parts grew on me. At first I thought the atmosphere was a bit boring, but after a few listens I now think it's a very good atmosphere. Somewhere between spooky, creepy and mysterious.

I now also appreciate the slow build up, I realized that the song - or rather the atmosphere of it - would be destroyed if you start with heavy DnB right away. Now you keep the listener interested and the slow build up makes the song a lot less repititve. :)

So I would advise THE LISTENER to listen to this track more than once. It's totally worth it! ;)

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SessileNomad responds:

"Wait, do the people go to the fifth floor and then jump out of the window to kill themselves or do they go there after they tried to commit suicide?-.-"

i shouldnt lawl, but i fuckin did, when people try and kill themselves but fail, they are sent to the fifth floor

the song is about death, so i agree that it wouldnt sound bad for it to ust jump in with a heavy ass drum beat, i kinda saved those for the climax of the song :)

im really happy with the atmosphere i created, i spent quite a bit of time on it

glad you liked it dude, thanks for a great review

peace out


Nice song man

I liked it very much, the creepy beat in the begin, it was awesome to listen to that.

It´s a completely great music to put on a horror game man, only one thing, that beginning need a guitar man, it would be AWESOME!!
Something like the intro of Black Sabbath from Black Sabbath, listen that music man, it´s a real creepy intro...

Anyways, I´m giving u a 9 because I know u can make a better song and it´ll have more appreciations.
9/10 5/5 in my favs.
{Review Request Club}

SessileNomad responds:

funny you say i should use guitar, since i just got a guitar "vst" that fucking owns

i honestly would have had more melodies and stuff instead of a bunch of pad chords and whatnot, but my time signature was in five four, and i had no clue how to work with it, no melodies i made came out sounding very good at all

thanks for the review man, peace out

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Nov 21, 2009
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