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i haven't been submitting much lately. why? because i've spent a lot of time improving my tone. furthermore i've not only been working alot more with my mixing but i've also started mastering my songs. if you've heard my other shit you should notice quite a difference. i'm back, with a vengeance!


I don't have any belief
I welcome your grief
I am a prostitute
I only fight for gain
No need to explain
You pay me to execute

I'm what you want me to be
Whore of the military
Killing for a fee
I am a mercenary
I fight for you and me
I fight for the enemy
All the same to me
I am a mercenary

I am the gun in your hand
No need to understand
Human weaponry
I am a filthy whore
Open to any war
Pay for my loyalty

I will never flee
If you're paying me
Money is the key
I am a mercenary
A killingspree
An opportunity
There's no dignity
I am a mercenary

Anyone, anytime, anywhere
I offer death and demise
Women or children, I won't care
For a reasonable prize

I'm what you need
I am a mercenary
I'm what you want
I am a mercenary

When there's no one left to trust
When there's no one left to blame
When it all turns to dust
Just call my name

Just call my name

No morale, no remorse
Whatever you say, I endorse

I am a mecenary
I am a mecenary



Pretty awesome. I can tell you've worked hard on it, it's definately payed off, Definately your best ;). I only have a couple of complaints. The Rythm Guitars seem a bit quiet to me, i would turn the volume of them up a bit. And the drums could be improve a lot, they sound good, just could be alot a better in my opinion. But This is awesome, I love the intro, keep makin shit like this! \m/

Schleif responds:

thanks man, will do \m/

Great !

just change the vocal !
find some other guy.

Schleif responds:

nope. but glad you liked it anyway!


this is so crazy this is what i call DEATH METAL!!!! definatly downloading this! 10/10 and 5/5 although it needs minor tweaks not a biggy

[I'm what you want me to be
Whore of the military
Killing for a fee
I am a mercenary
I fight for you and me
I fight for the enemy
All the same to me
I am a mercenary]

looked too WRONG! i saw this part as rap/hip-hop he sang TOO FAST for TOO LONG

[I'm what you need]
I am a mercenary
[I'm what you want]
I am a mercenary

needs a minor boost but not as loud as the others as it was so low i barely heard it

Just call my name

Just call my name
[ ]
No morale, no remorse
Whatever you say, I endorse

i personally saw this pause way too long even when ending slowly

Insane song,intense singer,crazy guitar pauses!

10/10 5/5 + downloading (i rarely download songs and when it starts i know because i say "man this is intense this is goin in my pc" i just feel the song is intense from the beginning

~~~M3T4L oWnS ALL~~~

Schleif responds:

thanks alot man, really glad you dig! i'll keep those things in mind for sure. keep rocking \m/

Holy shit this song is fuckjing amazing!

Hahah dude how does this song have like 50 times more downloads than plays how is that even possible? XDD This riff is seriously badass and catchy as fuck!! It reminds me of some hardcore punk band mixed with harcore heavy metal keep up the good work dude!

Schleif responds:

excellent! i've been thinking about remaking this song, actually. i feel like it deserves an update. and regarding the downloads - clearly everyone just loves the song so much that they had to download it 200 times. haha. no idea, some wonky glitch i suppose. looks amazing though, doesn't it? haha

thanks for the review man, it is very much appreciated!


Quite, this submission is really awesome. It sounds similar to the other songs that you have on Newgrounds, but it also has it's own dynamic of difference. The only other song that I like similar to this is Discipline, it does sound similar to that too.

The intro is really cool, and caught my attention, with a low-gain twangy tone that could fit well for a mercenary feel. After I heard the scale used, it also sounded suspiciously similar to the one used in Discipline.

The chords for the rythm track aren't really all to heavy, but the chugging heading into the vocals is really addictive and catchy.

The drums sound and feel solid, with a really firm kick along with some interesting resenous drum fills that seems to hold everything upright just fine, further defining this submission in terms of awesome stature.

Vocals. Really, wow, when I first heard the vocals, I didn't know what to say, the vocals are fantastic, along with the sort of tempo used complimenting the rythm, it's really so much to explain, overall, they're simply top-notch. They have thier own style, Schief style of vocals, sick.

The section after the first solo-esque sequence really sounds awesome, how the chords switch with progression and the drums link, sounding different with the rest of the sections of the song.

I did catch a few recording scrape noises early in the submission, I don't know how that's caused or fixed, but it's really the only flaw, otherwise, pure awesomeness.

Schleif responds:

wow man, awesome review. thanks alot, i really appreciate it. yeah, you covered pretty much everything i spent alot of time with in this song, i'm really glad my work paid off. great review man, thanks again! you kick ass - keep rocking \m/

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Nov 18, 2009
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Heavy Metal
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