Stand United [popraz - Rac3]

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My entry for Romania in the "Represent a Country 3" contest. A mix of classical and electronica with steady beats and percussive elements. I went for a more varied and less dark approach than my usual songs. The whole structure is wrapped around a musical theme which represents unity and freedom.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this song and if you find any issues with the sound quality or mixing especially, please point them out. Thank you !

The Final will be aired December 5th on Radiogrounds ( http://www.radiogrounds.c om )
Represent a Country 3 Thread : http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1118710

- 25.11.2009 - Raised the volume, tweaked the mixing, reworked percussions and some instrumentation.
- 6.12.2009 - Earned 3rd place in RAC3 contest.

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Really fuckin' epic

The synths really make me think of a game like Sim City or something, but as soon as the beat shows up with the strings at 0:54, things just get epic. Yeah those strings and the beat, both are real fuckin' epic, great job! I also just love the way the melody turns into some dramatic event with more epicness at 1:59. You really know your way through epic shit and cinematic ambiances, that's awesome! But, if I were you, I'd simply get rid of that guitar, that shows up at 2:27, because it just doesn't go with the melody. There's also a few instrument and melody connections to work on.
Otherwise, I have nothing to advise, your doing just fine, but this song is great!

We have an aerial view of many mountains full of trees. We then see a road among those many trees, with only one car driving through. Inside, we have the basic american family, the patriotic father (Mel Gibson), the mother, the boy and the girl. They finally arrive to their new home, located in the middle of one of those gigantic mountains with all those trees. A few other houses are around, but no one's there to greet them. As the family unpack, the father notices that some people are looking at them through their windows. He waves his hand hello, but the people go back inside their homes. During several days, the family feels rejected by their neighbours, they never come out and say hi, always avoiding the new comers...
Until the day where the father goes to one of those homes to introduce himself, but the neighbour says "We don't want you here."
As the father was going to work, he noticed a parked Jeep Grand Cherokee, with some youngsters going towards it, the kind that's got beers in the back and that's always up to no good. Punks, if you will. That night, when the father arrived home from work, he couldn't help noticing that same black jeep parked not to far away from their home, hidden behind a few trees. You could be thinking that nobody was in it, but you would be wrong... The father clearly saw a cigarette burning inside the vehicle, someone was smoking. He tried not to pay attention. A few days later, the father was coming home from work. It was night. As he was driving through the mountain road, he saw a big log being thrown at him. He immediatly stops his car, preventing it from swerving off the road and being thrown off the cliff. He looks to where the log came from, and sees the Jeep, driving away at full speed.
The father hurries home, grabs his shotgun, and heads down to the town where the punks are headed... He won't stand it any longer, he's going to take this matter into his own hands. He is the loving father, ready to protect his family.

This scene has nothing against canadians, I swear, even I am half canadian, so I wouldn't do that, to anybody. It's just a scenario. Hope you enjoyed it!


popraz responds:

Thank you ! I'm glad you like the song. It drove me crazy while I was working on it. It's probably my biggest effort, both creatively and tehnically. And, I really love the scene (big fan of ol' Mel too). I've always liked these vigilante stories (and movies). Knowing Gibson flicks, his family will probably get wiped out while he's out after the punks, which will send him into a killing frenzy (go Mad Mel). So long, peaceful Canadian town ! Great scene ! Loved every word of it ! I enjoyed it so much, that I might be coming back for more. Again, thank you !

Who is Vangelis?

Hey Popraz!

I'm was checking your stuff - and I thought I'll write a review about one of your track as a Christmas gift. And I picked this one.

Well I ask myself who is Vangelis - after the first ca. 2 mins. of the track. It was so damn close to the sound of Vangelis, but in the same time still different and fresh. I loved the horn sound. Really new sound from you and fits great in the whole structure.

Oh and I loved the break-beat under the tunes. Really made it sound more unique.

The mixing is superb. Have no complaints about it - every sound is easy to hear and crystal clear. And about the overall sounding - this is trully a new kind of style of soundscape from you. Like you've refreshed yourself and your style but kept the worthy elemets too.

I must say you are on a right way with this new shape of sound. Congratulations for the 3rd place. I don't know about the other contestants (and the results often depends on the jury) but it's well deserved.

So wonderfull work - full respect for you and I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Gregory Bakay
(aka Madboss)

popraz responds:

Thank you very much ! Sorry for the late reply. I wish you also a great new year full of happiness and success.


this is such a great piece. the composition is just amazing and the swells were done so perfectly. i don't know how you mastered it but you did such an amazing job. the choirs sound out of this world. the percussion is so sweet it adds so much more to the song and i love the sound of the instruments. and i really love when the electric guitar comes in.

i can see this song being played in so many different movies. you deserve to be on staff with some of these film directors.

keep them comming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

popraz responds:

Wow, thank you for the awesome review ! Glad you liked it. A lot of work went into this one.

Great great music

I also noticed that your predilection for unexpected choirs is still there... also the layers are well balanced and very clear, I distinctely heard every different change of musical registry. It is also very peaceful, and I had the image of a bird taking off the whole time. Good luck in the contest!!!

popraz responds:

Thank you very much !

Excellent tune choice!

First off. Before I shred, I'd like to compliment you on your choice of tune. You've taken a distinctive motif and carried it throughout the song. And in a piece like this. That's a necessity. Furthermore, excellent choice of motif. It's simple, and allows you to convey a powerful sense of emotion. In addition, simple means we remember it much more. Indeed. This piece would be hard to forget as a movie/game theme, and stands out as a general listening matter.

Now, I shred. =)

First thing I noted. It's not loud enough. I have all my volume sliders maxed, from the amp, to the windows one to the browser one. I listened to this on my headphones, and on my speakers, and it was hard to catch the detail in a lot of the song. I would also noted that if I pulled out my headphones and turned on winamp, I'd not only shake the room, but probably be heard a block or two away. My speakers go LOUD. Plus. Logitech Z4's don't distort. Also, I could barely hear anything on the speakers. Make sure you test on a coupla different sound systems if you can. It helps, as your song will sound different on different speakers. Try to make it as conforming across the board as possible.

Second. A lot of it isn't distinct, it's kinda muddy. Actually, on second thoughts. It's actually the underlying, lower bits you have that aren't clear. They're very quiet, and with the breathier, lighter vocals and surrounding sounds, everything becomes a little bit sameish. Tweak the individual elements and try to get the entire thing as loud as you can without suffering in quality or getting clipping.

1:32 electronic bit is VERY hard to catch. Make it more distinct.

You have a very good blend of sounds in the piece, but they're too much of the same, so the blending means that it is difficult in a number of areas to pick up individual elements. And that flattens the song. Bring clarity into a number of elements, if you can, and add in some bass brass and similar deep backing elements. Weaving in some strong bass voices amoung the chorals would work wonders.

Essentially, try to bring in some really clear elements to balance out the breathier, airier less distinct ones. It lets listeners latch onto something and then they appreciate the airy all the better. It's kinda like adding contrast to a picture. It looks flat straight out of the camera, but tweak the contrast slider, and all of a sudden there's all that much more depth. The light parts would do well to be offset by dark ones.

Also, epic choral and string/brass arrangements wouldn't be out of place. Considering the name of the piece.

Onto beats. Good solid beat you have. Now build on it a bit. Not too much more, but add in some other drums on top of what you have, more in the middle range, with a bit more complex beat signatures. Also, current ones could do with a bit more originality, after all, the current beat is... well. We've heard it before a lot of times.

Ok. You've got a motif. Now work on it. You have an excellent concept. And you've made it into a song, but it is very much the same. So bend it a bit, take the theme, then expand it into something more complex, work into it different themes of what makes a country and it's history, and remind the listeners of the motif every now and then. Take the theme through different parts, each representing a different aspect of the country.

Otherwise, I can't find anything else to note. The song is excellently mixed, and you have a distinctive theme. But you can do a lot more with it, and the mixing does still need a fair bit of work. Work on bringing in different elements in, contrasting and weaving them together and really bringing each part into its own. While complimenting its fellows.

Really good job. But not perfect. I look forward to your next piece.


popraz responds:

Thank you for reviewing. Unfortunately the contest limits the length of the song at 4 minutes, so I just barely fit within that limit. Perhaps later I will revisit and extend this one as I did with my "Dark World Adagio". As far as tehnical aspects go, I realised the volume might be an issue, but on my sound system it sounded ok. I didn't push the volume to high as I rendered the song, because it was too close to peaking. I will look into it though. And I will also try to improve the aspects of the instrumentation you pointed out. Mixing so many elements can be difficult, especially when lacking experience. Again, thank you so much for reviewing. And I'm glad you liked the tune.

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