Life of Me

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I could say demo...but let's call it 1.0 beta...i know it needs some work. it's late and i wanted to at least have something to post. criticism is welcome as log as it's fair. and plz if you;re gonna down rate my songs, tell me why at least. no one gets to hear my stuff cause of these dumb flamerz. well let me know what needs to be done so i can make this decent at least. Thanks!

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Liking it

Great composition, my only problem is that the drums and guitar sound a bit weak. Pump them up and it would be a 10 ^^

Lovely violin!

holy moly - awesome strings!!

great rock drums there, makes me think you played em yourself ;)

Loved the bit at 3:36 the best, though it sounded like the guitar shoulda been a bit more powerful
and I'd slap in some orchestral percussion as well as the rock drums^^ make it moar epix

around 4:22 (that section) reminds me of how Nobuo Uematsu bridges his sections, thing about his music is that people don't notice it's a bridge :P

lovin the music^^

Ritz190 responds:

lol. funny thing is i COULD play those drums but i don't have a drum set. thanks man...hell i'm gonna redo the guitar anyways so i'll keep that in mind. i'm glad you liked it! i had a blast makin it. I love orchestra and metal! =) Thanks for teh review man!!!


It opens with a hauntingly somber choir. very well (holy crap, the violin came in, good!) done on the choir. Wow, what can I say w/o expletives to explain my surprise! I am not a quarter in to this song and I've already decided its a 5. I am a sucker for the violin, cello (anything stringed).

You've done a good job at keeping this song variated. It doesn't get boring, nothing is distracting. Could go well in a boss battle. Seriously dude. Do you sit down after 3 hours of playing Perfect World and compose these songs. Your songs sound like a perfect blend of said game's boss tracks and the more melodic, serene world map songs.

If I could think of ONE reccomendation, it would have to be in the 2:12-2:36 section. This bridge of the song repeats later in the song, and the second time it repeats - I like it the way you have it. But I would like to see the first bridge made a little bit more subtle. At the 2:18 part, the notes change in a way to add a feel of tension, I felt that tension would work better saved for later, and the first 6 seconds of the bridge just be repeated 3 times and the tension coming in on the 4th meter. My theory being that if you went about it with my proposed way, that the tension would only be AMPED the second time the bridge section came around! But just my thoughts, I don't claim to be versed in making rock ^___^;

As the song started nearing the end, that violin came back in to grace us with it's story, and added a nice touch! A wonderful song! I hope you enjoy it, b/c a lot of ppl here at NGs (flamers aside) will be!

Ritz190 responds:

i can see where you're getting at and i totally agree! I'm going to improve on this song and i will consider you're critique...and actually i've been working on this off and on for a week. This song is one of my many long term projects that i'm doing..i could see this as a boss battle lol...i tried to add a sort of epic feel to it by adding the violin and cello. i love classical and metal, and this is the result of two loves...thanks man! glad you like the song! i put alot of heart into this and soon more heart when i improve it...THANKS MAN!!!


This song .......well what can I say..........Just listen...........Thats just how good it is............

From a Friend..

Ritz190 responds:

you dummy! lol..i know right..makes you wanna write a romace novel huh...lol!


Demo?? Beta?? Not even!
In my opinion, this piece is worthy of a 10 and more. I can envision this piece as being a movie title theme or the climatic build of a scene.
As for the flamerz...pffft...don't let them hold you back from creating your style of music. Just remember, you can't please everyone, but surely there are those like myself who appreciate great compositions such as this. Please create more like this. I downloaded this and can't help but to listen to this over and over again. It's truly inspiring...
Thank you so much for sharing this...and would love to hear more of your compositions.

~a newly recruited fan of Ritz190~

Ritz190 responds:

thanks! yea i worked pretty hard on this song. glad you like it! but i was thinking about redoing the guitar part to it sounds a little more clear, but it's good to see someone appreciates my work! thanks for the review!

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Nov 18, 2009
3:55 AM EST
General Rock
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