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Corneria (Remix)

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Author Comments

I wasn't too impressed with the remixes there were on NG, so I decided to try out my own. Changed the structure around a little, and although this isn't exactly a full remix, since I didn't use all of the melodies in the original, I think it came out quite well. If I get good feedback, then I'll continue it.

Anyway, all synths were made myself using Sytrus except the saw wave, and obviously the drums. Oh, and wait for the intro to finish, since take it from me that the intro is nothing like the whole song :P.

Well, I hope you enjoy my interpretation of Corneria, and votes and comments would be greatly appreciated - I respond to all reviews, and probably give a monster of a review back to people who were helpful in their reviews (you can even give me a 0 if you want, and if you were helpful and told me why you gave me a 0, suggesting how to fix it, I'll review back). Enjoy!

Oh, and first time I used the Fruity Love Philter, Fruity Flanger, and the Mixer Send Channels XD. Heh, well, beginners have to learn sometime or another, right? :D.

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Been looking for this one for a long timeNostalgia 😎

I haven't heard the original and I'm not gonna bother because your 3 year old song isn't worth it ;) But the harmonized synth sounds kinda off, like you added a major chord to every note but didn't care to check if it sounded good. Production isn't unpleasant at all. Also the song is boooooring. Nothing that stands out from the busload of tracks on NG that sound like it.

Step responds:

I was so proud of my transitions in this one. I thought the "you think that was cool?" transition was super clever of me :3.

Looking back this does suck but the production did improve a little. Everything's clear and the compression issues aren't nearly as obvious.

xD You think that was cool...?

lol I like! Woot!

Step responds:

Heh, great xD. Thanks!

Man it Freakin' ROCKS!!! X)

Well that for a good one IT'S a good one!

Step responds:

Awesome, thanks! Man, this song is pretty old. Looking back, there are so many things I can do to make it better xP. Oh well, what's done is done. Thanks for the review, check out some of my more later remixes like Linkin Park's New Divide Dance Remix or the Lemmings Theme remix if you want :P. Thanks again!

Hmm, better than average

Hmm, its good as background music to a game cause its repetitive and has got good sound effects, but not really a song which is top notch quality. I like the fact that you are doing the best you could, which is the secret to training 150% faster. In my opinion this song is good, but not too good. A listener gets bored of listening to this after three times. For example the piece of audio @ 1:28 - 1:34 really irritates you and puts you off the song. Anyways, keep up the good work.

'The Meanest Critic Around'

Step responds:

Yeah, you're completely right. This is almost a WiP, practically, since it's very repetitive and doesn't use that many melodies, so I might continue it. I always try my hardest on songs, even though sometimes they don't come out too well. 1:28 was part of the original, I believe, which is why I added it there, but as you said, it wasn't too good, so I should've implemented it better. Oh, and yeah, you ARE a mean critic :P. Lol, that's exactly why I enjoyed your review. I'm tired of getting reviews without constructive criticism, and your review is nice, helpful and honest, so thanks! I was going to review you back but you haven't submitted anything :P. Oh well, thanks again!

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Nov 16, 2009
2:47 PM EST
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