*(\Devn/)* The Final Hour

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It was the hardest song to make, but i did it and i love it. This is my best song.


Time for a serious review.

Looking over the other reviews, it seems that nobody has done a full, serious review yet. I figured I'd step up to it for you, since I try to return reviews anyways.

I'll use my standard review system (check my first news post on my userpage for more info on the system).

Initial comments: I like it. The strings add a lot of flavour, and your percussion is pretty well done.

Flow: Good, good. The transitions are nice and fluid - although it doesn't really seem to go anywhere. I can't distinguish a clear climax. It's like you were building up to the climax, but ran out of ideas before you got there. It's too short (mind you, without a direction to the flow, that's better than too long. At least it's not boring this way). The clang at the end (I forget what it's called now... unfortunate, especially since I'm a percussionist myself) sounds disjointed and out of place - it ends everything before it has the chance to really come out. It's fine in every other place you used it, and it might still work as an ending, but not in the context you put it in there. I would suggest building into a clear climax and adding a bit of a bridge and a conclusion on top of that. You've done a bit of a mini-bridge in there, but I'll discuss that a little more under "Themes". Decent flow overall, though. [ 1.880 / 2.475 ]

Balance: Also good. It could, however, use some more work with panning. It's all coming across sounding a bit too mono. As a result, you're not getting as much depth and presence as you could be. I don't know if FL has a stereo imager, but if it does you should experiment a bit with it, as well. Not too shabby here though. I do like the bass (although it's almost too muddy sometimes). [ 2.030 / 2.475 ]

Themes: This is where you died. Your themes are great, but they're not diverse. You had one idea, and it petered out really fast. I love the violin marcattos, but there's not enough variety. The violins evidently were intended to carry the melody, and they do... but you failed to use that to launch into any kind of new idea or theme. You also could have brought out the horns a little bit later to carry the melody (you almost did that, but it didn't come across because they ended up just supporting the violins anyways. Maybe if you had brought the strings down a bit there...). I mentioned your "mini-bridge" earlier. It almost worked, too - the problem was that when you came out of it, you pulled back to the original theme again, and only long enough to bring the piece to an unexpected and disjointed end. I will, however, give you credit for the quality of the (I mean this a little more lightly than the word seems to imply) monotonous/repetitive themes. What there was of them was well done. [ 1.115 / 2.475 ] ...(P.S. some key changes would be nice.)

Effects: I liked them, but they seemed a bit lacking, too. The dramatic effects of the piece you generated simply through the properties and application of the instruments themselves was very well done... although I would have liked to have heard some more effects similar to the percussive effect at around 0:55. It just didn't pop out as much as I wanted it to. Otherwise it was fine. [ 2.100 / 2.475 ]

Extra: [ + 0.010 / 0.100 ]. I did like the piece, and it certainly had some interesting aspects.


Flow ------[ 1.880 / 2.475 ]
Balance --[ 2.030 / 2.475 ]
Themes -[ 1.115 / 2.475 ]
Effects ---[ 2.100 / 2.475 ]
Extra ------[ 0.010 / 0.100 ]
TOTAL ---[ 7.135 / 10.000 ]
Review score ----[ 7 / 10 ]
Vote score ---------[ 4 / 5 ]

Nice work. You certainly have a significant talent, and I'd love to see where it gets you in a few years. I wish I could have been so talented at 14... oh, well. By no means should you find my review discouraging, btw. I intend it fully in your best interests. (sorry to break the 10 streak... :/ I'd have rated 10 if it was just based off how cool I think this could be, and how many awesome things I did see in it. :) )

Power to you, Devn!


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Devn responds:

wow, a good song to you must be insanly awesome. thanks for the insanly long review and taking the GREAT time to write it. wow.


Same as below ^^

Devn responds:

thank you.

:O Pleasantly Surprised.

I read your review on Dimrain's "The Final Hour" and I was all PSHHH I BET ITS NOT AS GOOD So I went to check it out, and am very happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. While I still enjoy Dimrain's music, you yourself are incredibly talented :D

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Devn responds:


very very nice

I would love to hear this as a live orchestra

Devn responds:

thank you


This music packs indeed a punch and the title says it all. I love it. Cant say anything other than give you 10/10 and 5/5 for some amazing music

Devn responds:

Thanks! glad to hear it is flawless

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Nov 14, 2009
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