Epic Breakdown

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Let me know what you think. I may add more samples to this like drum tracks. Haven't been using any music programs for a while but I'm working on it again. There should be more to come in time but gradually I'll feel the quality will improve with time. Hopefully someone will find something they like. Would like my music used in someones epic flash movies or games. Send me a message if you would like to use it!


well its ... different

first part sounds more like a series of punches than a song ^^

xsnrgman responds:

I totally hate Fruity Loops honestly. Because of FL Studio there is a lot of sub-par quality songs on newgrounds. It's not an opinion either, it's a fact! I have good taste in music. I won't submit anything anymore if I don't find the quality is above sub-par. It's not fair to waste peoples time with making music or loops that aren't good. I'm done wasting the bandwidth! Next time I come back, whenever that may be....I'm coming back really strong here. Just wait....going to get better sampler apps and I'll see what else.

i feel u lost it

this is to all over the place
but this is not some thing i would pay for
but i do hope to hear your next one
sorry i had to give a low rating
but plz don't quit trying

xsnrgman responds:

It's totally okay. Have you heard my other tracks? They are a bit better than this. Was having a little trouble getting FL 9 to work like I wanted it to. I don't expect everything I make to be good or even okay. Most of the time, I upload tracks I feel are of the best quality. Basically I put this out to let everyone at newgrounds know I'm still here. I made this quickly so it's no big deal. Thanks for your opinion!

oh no, i mean really.... NO!

this is horrible

its incoherent, horrible drumsamples, and the weird synth notes just random shit wtf!? i was hoping just the intro was stupid, but then the song just doesnt start, but instead i only hear weird noise that isnt the slightest bit interresting to listen to...

rly.... try to make a ~~~~>!SONG!<~~~~ next time, pls dont fuck with mankind with this abomination of music, really, better just stay away from music all together.

or die

xsnrgman responds:

Sorry you feel this way but I could care less personally. I didn't like it too much myself either. I felt I could do a lot better. It's not a reflection of what I feel my music is about. I'd rather play guitar and record that with a decent drum sampler and bass sampler. Until I have that setup, I'll try to put out better FL tracks and other music app tracks. Don't take this submission too personally. I didn't put it on here to annoy anyone or make anyone feel bad. I merely have the freedom to do as I please.

dude...i just got this retro feeling

this song is like one of those old sega game music tracks...annoying as hell but you still play cause it's fun for the moment. like this song. it's fun for the moment, but it needs more work...and organization..what program are you using?

xsnrgman responds:

FLStudio 9. :-) with Toxic Biohazard and Fruity DX10. DX10 gives it the SEGA 16 bit sound. Toxic Biohazard has all these crazy synth sounds. It's not too simple to make a track that would sound as good as I like (at least not yet). I'm using the PC keyboard and not a piano type keyboard to pound out the notes. I really like the turntable function with FL but I forgot which function it is. May implement it into my next track. Also want to add some drums. Not sure yet. Thanks for your honest review!


Sounds pretty Crazy

but maybe a melody woudl be ncie

go check this out


xsnrgman responds:

Thanks! I guess it's for some but not for everyone. It's merely a demo. It may or may not be a while until I get another track uploaded. Mainly because I want the quality of sound, melody and structure to be a lot better next time. I've heard a lot worse on here. I'll try not to congest the music section with a lot of needless tracks that aren't much worth a listen whenever I can. Thanks for the love! :-)

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Nov 13, 2009
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