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The Friendly Ghyost - Intro

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Author Comments

Intro to my new mixtape, "The Friendly Ghost" vol.1



(Narrator Speaking)
Isn't this a perfect setting for a Spine Chingling ghost story?
Well! Strangely enough,
this is a Ghost Story.(bats squawking)
Do you Scare easily???
Do you have Nightmares???(laughter)
Well, Relax.
This isn't that kind of a story.
& just to prove it,
Let me Introduce a Ghost, that is out of this world
His name is.... Casper!!

Verse 1:
Back on it, Everyday I lose an Opponent
'Cuz they don't want it,
'Cuz every line & every rhyme I spit
I get a lil Better, So it's whatever
The Less rappers than the better...
That's more Cheddar for me,
That's more Lettuce for me,
That's more Bread in my pocket like my wallet is a sandwich,
these n***as lookin' sloppy like a motherfuckin' manwich,
Damn it, I dont get it...
Why n***as is always bitchin'?
It's Life, n***a live It!
If I can't trust a n***a, then I ain't gon' fuck him.
It's that simple....
Subtract the Fake! Encourage Hate! Fuck Love...
'Cuz that shit'll get you fucked up,
Unless some Itty Bitty Missy comes
& changes my views on this Motherfuckin' message that i'm trynna bring
N***as is trynna sing... N***as is trynna rap,
Its like a Big ass Act, Like they can't face the facts
that they shit is whack! & its like that...

Can't understand this shit no more man,
Everybodies on the same shit!
Its few n***as out there doing somethin' different,
Everyday I hear the same shit!
On the Radio, On the T.V.. same whack ass shit.
What the Fuck is going on!!!
What happened to hip-hop man?
N***as ain't rappers! N***as is fuckin' Puppets man!!

Verse 2:
I tell these n***as that the game changed,
& i ain't even trynna get in it, im trynna maintain.
Cuz everytime a rapper spit it's bout the same thing,
They either yellin' bout they chain or how they gangbang
(imma goon!)...Figures, N***as, Bitches, They all ridiculous
Fuckin' Hypocrites! & Always got somethin' to say, you ain't no fuckin' critic bitch!
Get off my dick it ain't a roller coaster,
Push the building of your label until I flip it over
& yell Suck My Dick!!! Homie let's flip the script,
Mama im pushin' Bricks!, Mama im stackin Chips
Even though Im broke as shit, Mama im gettin my grip,
Mama Hardcore, I'll Shoot em' til' they cant breathe anymore!,
(n***a you've never held a gun in your life)
Oh yea, you fuckin' right. But I'll still murder your wife
& take her fuckin' life, for my fuckin' stripes,
Wait, that ain't nice. I aint even the killin' type
Figures... N***as....(haha)

Yea its like that(repeated)


Damn man! I dont even know what to do anymore,
like, Fuck yo!, like, this shit is just a trend to these n***as,
Like, this shit aint no fuckin' Trend n***a!!
If you artist, You a Artist dude...
Like real shit, Lyrics come naturally...
(continuous gabbering)....



4.23 / 5.00 (+ 0.16)

Pretty good track right here. 5/5 and download. Keep it up yo!

JK-595 responds:

thanx man, I put alot of time into it


Pretty funny stuff

like the mastering :D

sounds very hip hopish

now can you check this for me :D thanks


JK-595 responds:

lol thanx...

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3.66 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2009
1:43 AM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
File Info
3.9 MB
4 min 18 sec

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