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Another Girl - Devolution - Reconstruction

This here is a cooky little bastard. Interesting in the cans, car and 5.1, not so much for regular speakers.

This song is transforms a couple times. Three decidedly different sections: 0 - 1:42 is Another Girl, 1:42 - 3:29 is Devolution, 3:25 - 5:12 is Reconstruction (mumble track). However, they all use the same instruments and samples.


Another Girl- Originally, I wanted a heavy dance beat plus a line or two that would be fun and mindless enough to drive to. The line I came up with initially was a little too somber but, is still masked underneath the chorus and shows up in Devolution later. So, I got all goofy and changed the words to "I need another girl."

Find me another girl
I need another girl
I meet up with this chick at the club
I say, "Hey yo baby, what's up?"
She says, "would you please stop feeling me up"
I'm like, "oh come on, what the fuck?!"
Find me another girl
I need another girl
I'm so desperate, I call an ex
She tells me that she knows what's best
I say, "that's great so, let's have sex"
She's like, "stop dude, I thought we were friends"
"Oh, yeah, right. We're just totally friends"
She replies, "Besides, I'm a lesbian"
I need another girl
Find me another girl

Devolution - After I started a weak breakdown of the song, I hit a fascinating bass sound in my headphones and immediately stopped caring about continuing the shallow theme. I could now use my subducted lyric and play with the sounds more. There is slow, slight progression of layers, volume and stereo in a strange balance that either allows me to pick what I want to hear or messes with my head - an idea I use in the last part.

End of the world
It's been the end of the world
We're at the end of the world

Reconstruction (the mumble track) - Since everything changed in the devolution process, I tried to go back to a cleaner sound and still use the vocals that I've been running. Neat things came together
while reversing the vocals and I started to hear different words so I intentionally back masked lyrics into the old ones. Funny thing is, I sometimes forget what I am actually saying/singing here but, I know it was meant to be positive. Its mumbles to some or a couple of statements to others.

As A Whole - It's this guy who's in an awkward pursuit of one of his basic desires and as he fumbles, he loses confidence and all the other things he had been avoiding come invading his mind. He tries to balance these problems and ultimately starts to rebuild himself as a different man.

*made with ACID 7 and CoolEdit 2.1



the lyrics is fucked up, but i like it lol

pookicker responds:

Hahaa, yeah! "end of the world" was the first set of lyrics and everything revolved around that. Thanks for lending an ear.


The whole time i ignored the song but Its actually very good

i have no clue what the song is called but i love it =]

pookicker responds:

Glad you decided to listen! It evolved a bit while making it so, the song title and description changed with it.

I like variety

I like all that you have done here producing wise. Like an Orgy track, then 2:00 comes in and that is just heaven. No really it is, the beat is amazing. I can hear the time invested and also the sexual frustration, I got the grrl that is also a friend...unfortunately. You know I say, please make more! 1O's for being original and your excellent producing. Vocals towards the second half are really emotion-scaping.

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pookicker responds:

That was some good reading, friend! I definitely tried to keep my focus inside of this one. I think it's funny that you say sexual frustration because when I wrote those lyrics, I thought I was just being humorous but, you're right! I gotta get into better shape so I can tackle some ham sandwiches.

Lovely perceptions, thank you.


Great this is sounding very good. I really liking the vocals to they are very unusual.
PS: Sorry for my English I am from France
PSS: I can't believe that bitch Linak beat me here!

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pookicker responds:

Thank you, sir! I don't have the greatest singing voice so, I try to find a medium in the sound of the music. Unusual is a perfect description!
PS: No problem, J'ai toujours eu traducteur Google dans le cas où vous souhaitez taper en français!
PSS: I know! What a great guy!


This and Orgasm Song are truly you're greatest works! I wish I was as good as you cause almost all of your songs are rated over 4 and only one of mine is even though it doesn't deserve it.

pookicker responds:

Wow, thanks man, I appreciate the appreciation!
But let me say something about what ART deserves: appreciation. The ratings, if some folks on here choose to use it, aren't 100% popular opinion. What I mean by that is that some doods like to vote what they think the popular score should be - "Oh, this song shouldn't be a 4 but, its already got 40 votes... well, I think a vote of 1 should bring this back into reality, because this should only be a 3." They should be voting 3 in the first place because that is their opinion, ya know.
Anyway, sorry about the rant. I'm going to check out your tunes and give you feedback on a few that I like the best.
Thanks again.

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Nov 12, 2009
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