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this is a re-edited version, but everything on the bottom still applies to this one. note the drums are over done i know! this is a frequency mastering problem i plan to fix soon

this is an unfinished product. the intro will be a seperate file and the main song will probably loop in the menu screen. also the end of it, is a rough idea i may take out of the song.

remember UNFINISHED.

i dont know if i should go with this type of feel for the games music, or my more classical style.
something more orchestrated or is this good?

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For lack of a better word

I like it, I think it caters more towards Cyber-punk than anything else, I think it should be more unbiased if that makes any sense.

I don't particularly understand some of the changes J-QB pointed out, I think since the song is an outline, we should concentrate on clarifying how it should sound all together, not the specifics.

I would personally prefer a playful orchestrated pieces with some synths and a wild drum pattern.

Sci-Fi responds:

well...yeah, for lack of a better word

Nice to see news on the Audio front

Well, to answer you question, I am personally a fan of orchestrial pieces but I don't really mind the more techno-ish pieces(which I believe this piece to be).

Starting off..well, the whole thing has that distinct "fuzzy"(in the lack of a better word) sound to it, but I'm going to assume that it is only because it's a WIP.
However, I do feel like the song starts off to fast and too sudden. Take note of Hell March 3 (look it up on Youtube) which starts off slow and quiet and then spends 25 seconds revving up.
I agree with J-qb and think that it could use more deeper and bassier sounds. And the snares/hithat's he mentioned.

Out of curousity, how are you and Hopeku distributing the work?

Sci-Fi responds:

just to point out, that fuzz is a type of synth lead, is has that sound. and its true it is sudden, but i hadn't woked an intro into it yet, sense i usually do that last. i will try to add some bass elements to it as well.

and i havent had contact with Hopeku at all yet. i but i figure we're doing 50/50


I think this is gonna be great. some suggestions:
+at 0:14 where the "strings" (in want of a better word) enter, maybe you could 8va bassa them? I think that might give it a bit more tension. See what works.
+elaborate on that same "string"-line a bit. Instead of just having the cords, at a tiny bit of appregiation, or melody to it (lol, appregiation appreciated)
+This one is more a matter of personal taste I think. But IMO it could use a nice intense deep snare drum (not too much snare). Some syncopic rhytms could add to the song i think.
+It could use more bass
+the hihat(or rather a mixed snare drum Im guessing?) could imo be toned down a bit
+the later melody (starts somewhere around 0:42) could be a bit louder.
+the last four measures of that same melody could be improved by not going down for each consecutive measure but going down on the second measure then up (a fifth?) in the third and down on the fourth.
lots of comments, just trying to help. If you need me to explain what I mean or want more specific suggestions, send me a pm

Sci-Fi responds:

thank you. thiswill be very helpful. yeah actually the song has no bass in it at all. and the last melody was a riff i was throwing together for some part,but i actually hate it, i'm going to take it out. well just for the hell of it, im going to makean orchestra piece to way against this one

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Nov 12, 2009
1:16 AM EST
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