8-Bit Fireflies (Owl City Remix)

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LEAF XCEED Music Division goes pop! This is an 8-bit remix of Adam R. Young's (known better as Owl City) hit song called Fireflies. It's one of the popular songs that I actually liked and appreciated, so when I was stuck without ideas when trying to make something metal I ended up making my first real 8-bit remix ever. This one's completely from scratch with only the song, the instrumental version, FL Studio 9, a couple of NES plugins and my 2-day determination XD Enjoy!


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Whoa! Was not expecting the echo thing going on in this track. And the 8 bit percussion is kicking. A beautiful, pleasant listen. I think you outdid my 16 bit version. Thank you for making and uploading this.

rtnario responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! Wanted to check out your 16-bit version though, it's not on NG I see ...


rtnario responds:


I hate the song but i love it

yeah right my ex gf really liked owl city a bit too much - was one fact to break up.
makes me feel good hearing this "deformed" version, she would have hated it :D
id like to give you
31/10 16/5 (coz u saved my day, lol)

rtnario responds:

HAHAHA, what a bitter fate ... that makes for an interesting review of this piece XDD

Hands down Win.

My hat's off to you sir.

rtnario responds:

Thank you so much--glad you like it! :)


Understanding that this is your first real 8-bit remix ever, it is very good. You could have used a few touch up days after the two days to give some of the 8-bit sounds a more 8-bit sound. Some of the time it almost seems a bit 16-bit. Kind of like taking Super Mario Bros. and re-making all the music on the SNES instead of putting it into an NES xD. Either way though it is very good, although there could have been a bit of sound requisitioning to give it an even better feel. Also, some of the vibrato-type things that it seems that you put in, especially around the end, don't sound at all 8-bit but more of a further on development. Maybe I just never heard any 8-bit songs really use vibrato like that, but I believe that most 8-bit was flat tones put together musically. You do follow 8-bit style guidelines very well however. As Chronamut told me, you've got your lead, your background, your bass, and your percussion. Keep up the good work, and maybe we could see another few 8-bit remixes from you to see what you've got overall in the 8-bit department aside from the metal? Just keep at it, and I'm being a real jerk here and not giving a 10, although I really think that one of your pieces that I have not heard yet will/might get it. Maybe I just have the wrong mindset at the moment, but I think that you can do a bit better with touch-up.


rtnario responds:

I could've, but that's a problem when it comes to something I made out of boredom and in the interest of being the first one to do so! XD Yeah, this was also posted on a certain popular video-sharing site (it's carrying my upload views there LOL) and around half of about 700 comments say the same thing. I listened to a legitimately faithful 8-bit remix and found that I DID go overboard, but of course I'll never stop getting reminded XD;; I think the vibrato is possible, but I also don't think it was a popular effect back then, nor was it one that particularly sounded so good. Like here when it presents itself, it was automatic, I didn't change it ._.' Glad I did well on my first try, though! More 8-bit remixes? Maybe I might be bored again someday...XD

Nah, you're not being a jerk at all, you say what you honestly think and it's so much better off that way :) Thanks for the review! I'm still forever looking for that 10. XD

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Nov 9, 2009
4:04 AM EST
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