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Hi, I'm Stupor, and I'm delighted to share this jewel of a song with all of you!

With a running time of 4:17 and more automation clips than I've ever used before (like, five), this is definitely a track that I'm proud of. What do you guys think?


Nice man.

I love the part around 1:50 and 2:00. It's a nice breakdown, like the eye of the storm. You could even pass it off as drum and bass, but it's not new wave :P
I liked that cool swirly acid-ish synth that played the melody. You got a cool sound going with that.
Maybe try adding in additional instruments? Try a sub bass perhaps.

Stupor responds:

Thanks muchly for the review!

Techno, hard-core, and a scene

This is a more techno-ish song then new wave, but that's no big deal here. The instruments in my opinion were very much like a lot of other techno songs on NewGrounds, meaning they're ok but not exceptional.
Then the song had a hard-core feel to it, and that's probably resulting in the powerful instruments. I wasn't very fond of the oriental instruments that come in at 1:10, I don't really like them in general, but in this case it didn't go much with the song's feeling, so I'de consider them useless, but then you're the author here, so you decide what to do (of course).
So, we got techno, a hard-core feeling to it... That should be enough to make a good scene:
A police inspector in his late 40s decides to go to the city's most hard-core and dangerous night clubs in order to keep an eye on it's owners; the mob.
He comes in, keeping his trench coat on him, which sets him appart from all the club's trendy clients. The loud music fills his ears, giving him a headache, he slowly walks torwards the counter, and orders a pure vodka, the drink that's keeping him an alcolholic. When it arrives, he drinks it in a shot, and orders another. He notices the owners, sitting down at the back of the club, talking buisness with other mobsters... He knows he's taking a risk coming here, those people know him, they know what he's capable of, and he knows they're capable of gunning him down this instant... But they don't...
He takes a hold of his desert eagle, but then lets go and says to himself: "Not here, not now, and surely not today...". He then orders another pure vodka...
There you go bud, enjoy!


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Stupor responds:

Wow, thank you! Obviously not what I had in mind at first, which is entirely a good thing. Merry Christmas!


A very futuristic feel, nice and spacey with a good beat to carry it along. The beat is my one complaint though; the amen (?) is good, but it gets very annoying pretty quickly, especially in the intro. However, it compliments the song nicely later on when it gets more dark and intense.

Overall good job! 9/10 and 5/5 (+0.084).

Stupor responds:

Yeah, the drums sounded so good that I got carried away and overused them...a little :P
Thanks for the review!

Pretty awesome.

Loving it, but the drums do get annoying after awhile, because they sound so much like heavy tapping sounds. It's mainly the percs, though. I really love the leads and automation you did, though. It's all really fitting. Great job.

Stupor responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Nice work

I think that this is a pretty good piece, that's got all of the elements of a good song, though I would appreciate hearing a little more bass to carry the track forward. It's a good start with the drums, but it sounds too far away, almost as if they are being played within a cave. A little additional bass is added when the melody cuts in, but it's not enough. Just the occasional pumping beat would have given this track a perfect 10 from me, but it wasn't to be.

Good length, good variation. It was almost a shame that the same equalisation issue happened with the counter melody that you put in at about the 1m 30 marker. still, these two parts should go head to head and see what makes for a better part of the track. Having them face off in the middle is a sneaky way of doing more work, without doing all that much else ;)

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Stupor responds:

Thanks for the critiques, they really do help me...You pointed out the lack of low-end, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you for reviewing!

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