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Something is missing. I don't know what it is, but it's bothering me. What is it?

I was REALLY tired when I was writing this, so it's a bit meh. I pretty much chose the wrong instruments for everything. I do like the theme of it, so I'll probably come back to it when I have a fresh mind.

So what do you think?

Please vote, and please review; I need to know what's missing :3

EDIT: I totally fixed the drums. they were terrible before, yes. If you didn't hear it with the bad drums, you're not missing out. Also some other mixing changes, nothing major there.



I like this a lot. Love the piano, and really love the guitar. EQing on the ride cymbal could use a lil work. Piano is beautifully mastered in my opinion. Like the person below me, I think vocals of some sort would help.. or maybe like some choir chords that come in with the guitar. By the way, that fill at 1:40 is awesome. Could you tell me what you used for the drums and guitar?

AdventureBiscuit responds:

Glad you like :3

The program I used for all that stuff is Reason. Still getting used to the effects, so some of the EQ is meh.

Still working on those lyrics and melodies. The thing is, I don't usually write songs with lyrics, and when I do, it's usually just guitar/vocals. It's just a bit strange working on it like the way I am. I'll come up with something.

Thanks for the awesome score!


Wow man impressive composing.

Really nice. Everything is perfect. I'm givving the 9 cause i really dont enjoy the drums. They lack bass and punch.

The strings at ~1.10-1.20 could be a little louder.

The piano is a tad to soft and muffled.
Amazing guitar work.

Oh.. and the thing your missing is vocals ^^ or just some vocal harmonizations. I have a nice sample pack im willing to give you :) hit me up if you're interested.
Skype: darkangelstorture

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AdventureBiscuit responds:

thanks man!

With the drums, I know what you mean. It's really annoying me. Others have said the same thing about the drums before, in other songs I've made. I'm going to do this song again though, and I'll do my best to fix them. It's totally maddening, not being able to make them punchy!

And yes, I'm considering vocals. I might just sing though, but thanks heaps for offering me that sample pack, man. I really appreciate it :3

I'm really glad you like this; I though it wasn't that great. I'll start working on some lyrics and melodies, so look out for the resubmit of this :3

EDIT: i totally fixed the drums if you're interested in relistening. Hope they're a little better.

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Nov 6, 2009
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