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[DX] Haunted Hip-Hop

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Author Comments

Something I made quickly. It's kinda short.
Enjoy. Zero bombers GTFO as always, you're all haters.


A little to simple?

I know you told use that you made it quickly, but It doesn't feel like there is enough variety to the song to give it a better score.

I liked the change up at :33 were the strings are the main sound. But I feel this might need to be expanded a bit, maybe have it come up at different parts of the song with different variations.

It could also use a bit of a beat tweaking, like change it up every once and a while. No I don't just mean add a drum fill here and there, change it up a bit, give it something interesting and different than other songs.

Other than that make it longer, and it should do just fine. =3

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Basic works

Yeah this song is good but as I said, there's nothing to complex. No risks taken, just basic works. but let's get behind what really makes this song tick.

Strong Points:

- Nice usage of the synths, giving the song a kind of intimidating feel to it. but still could of made some extra synths stray away from the main melody to make it feel like something changes through the song.

-Nice drums, but seems to bee a bit to loud for this song. maybe if you try taking it down a notch it would help to the feel of the song. Also if you could find a bass drum with a bit more bass to it, that always helps.

- I really do like what you've done with the panning synth throughout the song. giving it a feel of distance really sets it apart.

Weak Points:

- Not much changes throughout the song except for the ambient-ish part of the song. really should make it longer and give it some advance with added synths and changing melodies and this could actually make an awesome song.

- as I said before for the drums, and maybe if you find more realistic drums because the drums you got there are a bit, more like really, to fake more my taste.

NOTE: this song would be great for a flash/video game where you introduce a new character or something. as a kind of theme song. You should also try taking off the fade in/out for this song to make it an easy loop if you are to keep it like this because that's really what it seems like from my point of view.

Instruments: 7.5/10
Melodies: 8/10
Structure: 7/10
Total: 7.5
Comment: Average good/catchy song.

//Review Request Club//

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Interesting concept

Never really heard songs like this before. Well, there's the Insane Clown Posse with a few "scary songs", but they all sound different from this.

I like the main melody and the instrument you used for it. It sounds creepy and is very powerful. However, the song lacks some variation (as some of the reviewers already said before me). Even though the song is only 1:31 long we can hear the same elements being repeated quite often.

Some more melodies or drum beats would certainly help to make the song less repititve and it would also break up the song structure a bit, which would also be a nice thing. Because right now the song structure is too plain for my liking.

So, the basics for a good song are there. You have an interesting concept and a nice and powerful main melody. Now you just have to work on the rest. Though this "rest" can turn out to be the hardest work of the whole song. ^^

{ Review Request Club }

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dx5231 responds:

my songs sound kinda repetitive, I guess I should start practicing.
Thanks for the review.

Wow, unique concept ^^.

It does have quite a number of problems, but the concept is very nice, and I enjoyed it. Nice job.

The melodies are probably the creepiest part of the song. It was in a minor (hehe, I can't imagine a Halloween song in a major O.o...) and was quite catchy. Loved the ambient-ish part at around 0:32, it was an excellent break from the main melody. The problem is that you need many more alternate melodies. There were only 2 melodies: the main melody, and the ambient-like part, which was very similar to the main melody anyway. An alternate melody would fit well at 1:19ish.

The main instrument didn't give out such a great creepy feel. I liked the background instrument, that was pretty spooky, and the one playing the ambient part was nice and scary. What I didn't like was the main instrument, which was a saw wave. Try and experiment with different synths to come up with one that fits well in this song. Also, a piano would do wonders in this, pianos always fit perfectly in scary Halloween songs, and with the right notes, you could really make the song sound frightening. Pianos usually sound creepy in songs like this when in a minor, and playing high notes.

What would also be cool would be sound effects. Screams, doors creaking, heartbeats, doors slamming, zombie groans, you have a variety of effects to use. Large soundfonts come with effects like those. Oh, and the song, as you said, is rather short. I would expect it to be a loop for this length, so either you try and loop it, or make it longer by adding more alternate melodies to stop it from getting repetitive.

The transitions are perfect, and they got you quite a few points. I liked how you switched from the main melody to ambient and from ambient back to the main melody, those transitions were perfect, and I find it quite hard to switch a song from action-packed to ambient and vice-versa, so good job. Loved the small buildups you did around the song, like the small drum buildup in the ambient part, and the drum buildup at the beginning.

The structure is quite simple: Main Melody Fade in - Main Melody - Ambient part - Main Melody - Main Melody Fade out, and as you can see, I repeated the word Main Melody quite a few times. It shows, as the other reviewers said, that this song needs variety. Even though it's short, it doesn't necessarily mean it must be repetitive. Add more melodies, vary the background, etc......

Intro wasn't that good either. It was a simple fade in, and I'd rather prefer you started the song quietly, just with the background instrument, then the ambient synth comes in, then the main saw wave, and then the drums. Instead of fading it in, you're doing a buildup in, which IMO sounds much better. Either that, or if you're planning on looping the song, then you'll have to start the intro suddenly and match it up with the ending.

As for the ending, it was a fade out too. What would be better is an arpeggio-ish ending with a piano. First put a lot of reverb on the piano for the last few bars, and then make an arpeggio ending (depending on what key you're in. Try C4, C#4, G4, C5, C#5, G5, C6, C#6, G6, C7 playing in quavers, maybe with a ritardando before the end, and then move those notes around until it fits the key you're playing in. Trust me, it's the creepiest ending there is XD). You could do that, or do as I said above and loop it.

The drums were decently varied. I was hoping for an alternate drum beat in the ambient part, but other than that, they had a good variety of samples which sounded nice, the beat was cool, and it fit really well with the song. I liked the drum roll that showed up for the first time at around 0:13, it made good transitions, and introduced the drums quite well.

It has its pros and cons. What you should work on is the variety in the song, the amount of instruments, the intro, ending and length, but you've got some great melodies, drum beats, samples, transitions and buildups, plus the song fits well with the name. Great job, keep it up, and good luck if you continue it ;).

-Review Request Club-

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dx5231 responds:

damn... that's a big review.

About the fact that it's kinda repeating: as I said in another review in another review, I do not have enough instruments, or I don't know how to use them properly. The instrument pack that I have is not really for hip-hop, or anything like that. I've been trying to get more instruments for a while.

The piano suggestion: I actually thought of putting a piano in that song, but it usually sounds crappy, or too simple, and it wouldn't be good enough for a scary/halloween themed song.

Effects: well, that's a nice idea, I didn't think of that. I just need to know where to get such effects.

Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it.

Nice sound

I think that it's a little short and lacking in variation to really be up there with the cream of the crop, but you've certainly produced a very nice sounding piece of audio here.

The main place that you could improve is to give more variation - stretch the track out longer and return to just the bass line, then add things like a melody solo to it (just the one instrument, for a change) and do something different with it, that grabs the attention.

Working on making the piece loop better would also be a good benefit to you - the fade out / fade in isn't the best of intro / outro combinations that you could have used. There is a good 'haunted / creepy' sound there, so with a few more bits and pieces added here and there, this will be one that climbs a lot closer to the top of the pile.

[Review Request Club]

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dx5231 responds:

I'm usually bad at making variations... I guess I gotta practice more.

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4.08 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2009
7:02 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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