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I wrote this song for my Composition Assignment It was supposed to be an ABAprime with a canon in A and A prime for Clarinet Viola and Cello in 9/8 at this tempo. I was told it kinda sounds piratey but you think what you want :) if you would like me to make it loop better for a project or something let me know.

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Not exactly what I'd call a loop, but definitely what I'd call a good attempt. Sadly, I didn't even understand a word of the first two lines you wrote in the Author's Comments :P (I'm only Grade 3 Theory D:) so I'll judge this as a song not as a project, but anyway, this is still pretty well done ;).

The melodies are really nice. I don't see why the others don't think it as a piratey melody, it does sound quite piratey IMO. At least something that reminds me of the sea. I liked the melody you used at around 0:11, and I also enjoyed that you didn't leave the clarinet playing legato notes all the time, but switched fluently from legato to staccato. Kept me listening without getting bored ;). This should be much louder though, because I had to turn the volume up a lot to hear it clearly, and then, when someone sent me a message on MSN, the sound blasted through my speakers. D:

The instruments aren't that good quality, but that's MIDI for me I guess. I really agree wih Haggard; you should make a newer version which doesn't have to do with Composition Assignments with much better quality instruments, more variety of instruments, and maybe making it longer, since I really like the melodies you used over here.

I can't really complain about transitions. Maybe you should look into the viola's transition at 0:25 as Calamaistr said, but other than that, the song played nice and smoothly. Structure and variety are great, and there was no fixed chorus, so the song didn't get monotonous at all. It did get a little random at times, but Classical usually doesn't have any choruses being repeated every few bars, so they're bound to sometimes get a little random. Intro was good, it's nice that you started it a little quiter than the rest of the song instead of suddenly starting it loudly. Ending was very nice too. It ended on the right note and at the right time, with a nice little melody before it ends. Sorry for the long paragraph =\.

It's a nice little piece, with a lot of variety, some very nice melodies, and good intro and outro. Just work on making it louder, longer, with better instruments/more instruments all in another version and you'll have a great song. Drop me a line if you submit a new version of this :D. By the way, this is more Classical than VG :\.

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sarias responds:

A B Aprime is a form structure pop form is AABA (typically) in classical music A would be the original melody, and B is a new melody, then A prime is like A but a little different. I hope that explains that a little bit. Anyways dont worry about this long review I thought it very helpful and thank you for actually putting in the time to say something useful. also for this one I have considered lengthening it, and arranging it for orchestra, I think it would be cool I will let you know if I do that :) thanks for the awesome review

Quite a decent effort!

Its an interesting loop although instrument choice wasn't the best as midi sounds always on the uninteresting side so that's definetely somthing u could improve.

It does sound qutie piratey but as for the genre i think it'd fit better in the classical style as its not much of a video game loop. It doesn't loop too well either so amyeb you could work on that.

Overall, its decent effort and its looks like u put some work into it to say the least. keep up the good work.

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sarias responds:

well It is mostly classical I wasn't thinking video game when I wrote it, but I kinda felt that way to me :) like runescape or something idk

Great loop.

What a lovely little forest-based loop this is. I like the way that this piece seems to give the impression of country life, particularly in some forest-based backwater, where life only moves at a crawl and the locals all know one another by name and have done for years.

I think that you've got a good combination of instruments here and while some of the backing instruments are a little on the quiet side, this makes little overall difference to the track itself.

I'd have perhaps considered having some other instruments here that would occur in the same setting, for example, a lute, or other stringed instrument, that would add so much veriation to the piece. It's a great loop, so perhaps you need to consider adding slightly more to the track in length, perhaps up to a minute, or so.

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sarias responds:

arn't game loops typically 30-90 seconds they can be longer but this is usually what I see :) I'm planning on doing a longer version of it same instruments though I like the combination.

Nice melody

Well, it's a bit quiet and midi sounds always pretty bad. But it's a nice song anyway. The melody is nice (but doesn't sound very piratey at all :P ).

I would like to hear this in a better, non-midi version, with some more instruments. Well, or louder instruments. I can faintly hear some instruments in the background, but as the song is so quiet it's hard to make them out.

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sarias responds:

I got an A on it :) (just found out today) she mentioned that she would love to see me now expand it, and have it performed at the next concert, so it will happen sometime in the next few months.


Well it was a nice little piece to say the least.

What need to be fixed up:

The instrument sounds need to be tweaked both in the software sounds being used, and in the volumes of the individual instruments. Because it was hard to hear some of the parts.

It feels a lot longer than the :45 seconds it is, probably because of the tempo of the song.

I do realize that good sound software is difficult to find, but do a little bit of searching and you'll find something.

Anyways, I would love to hear a more expanded version of this song, even though I wouldn't be about to use it in something, since i am not a flash artist.

Anyways, not to bad. =3

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sarias responds:

I've considered expanding on this, it has room to grow, it was only aloud to be up to 30 measures which is why its the tempo it is. also thats midi for you, kinda sucks. thanks for the review :)

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