Utmost Concentration

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My first submitted song. This is not my first ever song. My first ever song is way too bland and needs a reworking before I'd bother to post that.

This song was originally made as the high-pitched booping that you hear twice as the chorus, which I thought was awesome and decided to expand upon it, eventually leading to this. The song as a whole took 4 hours to make one boring night, and night is pretty much when my mind is so jaded that whatever I produce turns out to be better than otherwise. As for the title, I honestly tried concentrating hard as I could to come up with a decent title and decided to make a bad pun with what I had to do. It's probably unfitting but who cares?!

This song might or might not appear on an album of mine currently in the works. I don't know yet. I already have a track listing for the album and I don't see where it could fit in.

Constructive criticism is encouraged, definitely.

Made in a demo of FL Studio 9.



It's actually pretty good, not really my style of music, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it.

The percussion was one of the best parts of it. Really unique and had a good beat. You aren't usually going to hear bongos in a synth song.

The melody was good although some of the effects you used could have been changed a bit to make it sound a bit smoother. The bass was pretty good but as others said it could use some variation as to how it went with the melody.
The only other suggestion I really have would be to add some more variations on the melody and maybe some more harmonies.

But it was good for a first submission and I couldn't have done it better myself.
nice work-
btw, its yella from youtube

Could use some improvement.

While this is pretty good (and probably better than most songs I produce), there's still plenty of room for improvement.

The most important thing is probably that the lead generally sounds like a slight variation of the bass throughout most of the song. Bass tracks should generally differ from leads, and enhance them. Nothing complicated, really, and you could probably make some brilliant music by not keeping my advice in mind, but this is the way that I prefer things.

Secondly, the mixing could be slightly improved, and I'm mostly referring to the panning. When there's only one instrument playing, I think it should be panned to the center, otherwise it'll feel all empty and shit. Secondly, using a Stereo Enhancer effect rather than actually panning the track usually gives better results. And finally, bass tracks should be kept in the center of the mix.

However, you did do pretty well with the instrument and percussion selection. I really like the way the lead sounds, and how the bass instrument goes along with it without taking your attention away from the lead. The percussion was also pretty unique, as most people just use regular kicks, snares and hihats rather than bongo drums (or whatever you used in this, I can't really tell, but it does sound like bongo's).

Keep at it, and you'll eventually produce some really great things.

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AbsoluteBillion responds:

I'll definitely keep these in mind, thank you.

Cooleo von schooleo

It seems that that FL9 really IS pretty advanced.

Like the feel to it, it's got a bit of a new-age jungle feel to the whole affair. Like the square synths in how they change between major and minor thirds. I know these are just demo sounds, but gosh damn they sound good, better than what I usually associate with FL (ie like Soulja Boi).

Though the song is in a few places simplistic, I never feel that that is a detriment to anything.
In short, it's nicely crafted.

AbsoluteBillion responds:

To be honest, there wasn't too much a difference in FL9 to FL8, just one new synth (Ogun) is all I've seen, which I did use.

Thanks for the review, man.

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