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Power of the Piano

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Author Comments

Here's something that I worked pretty hard on. Melodies aren't that good, but I think it's not horribly bad. First time I ever made a change from a major to a minor song on purpose XD.

This uses the FluidR3GM soundfont for the piano, reverse cymbal and the choirish sound, a bass I made myself with Sytrus, the SGM V2.01 soundfont for the fantasia sound, and a sound effect that comes in during the minor change which I made myself with Sytrus too. The rest was all downloaded drum samples.

I hope you enjoy the song, and please vote and comment when you get the time :D.

EDIT : Whoa, why are people voting 5 so much on it?? It's not THAT good.......

EDIT 2 : Edited the song a little. Ending sounds better, I removed some unnecessary drums, tweaked the volumes a little and added a drum buildup right before before the change to the minor and somewhere before the end. Oh, and I gave it a CD icon :3.

EDIT 3 : Wow, I'm editing the song a lot O.o. Anyway, I mastered the song a little (I like to pretend I can master songs...), well, at least now the piano is the right volume, the drums are heard loud and clear, the background instruments can be heard more, and the song sounds better. I also added some choirs in the drum buildup before the minor change, added some wind chimes, and fixed a few things here and there. Also, a drastic change from the beginning: now it's one of my most 0-bombed songs O_o.


Wow, that's kinda... good, compared to the previous songs. The piano is super shitty and quantized but you have some of those typical "Newgrounds trance" piano melodies and stuff and the production is kinda punchy. The mix is pretty muddy and crushed. The 1:14 thing sounded pretty cool for a few seconds. Cool phased drums. Terrible bassline after that. Cool piano run at the end there. Weird ending.

Step responds:

Muddy and crushed - yeah. At this time I had no idea what a limiter does and the default template that came with FL automatically throws a limiter in the master channel, so without knowing it, it was crushing all my mixes until 2010 when Blackhole12 informed me what that limiter was actually doing, which led to me removing it.

Yeah ending is weird :3. This has quite a lot of energy; I was actually really proud of this at the time. Now it pains me to listen to it but hey, like I said, before 2010 my songs all sucked haha.


Sounds really good with the mix of beats and piano~~~
If there was something to say, maybe it would be to be more daring in your melody..?maybe
cuz I LOVE songs that start to change a little around half-way, and then come back, or so.
I think if there was more mixing in and out melody, it would sound magnifying >:D
But still, really wow-some!

Step responds:

Hehe, thanks! I thought the minor change was enough, but I agree with you that it needs more changes, namely an ambient part maybe, and possible a key/time signature change. Oh well, glad you liked the song!

Good name

I think that the title summed this piece up - there are few dance tracks that could sum up the power that the Piano has like this one.

I think that the only real thing this is lacking is a selection of vocal samples, just to help it progress. I think that you're one of the top 3 piano artists on this site and it's good to hear pieces like this coming through from you. Perhaps you could have had a slower piece of the piano, just to give the tempo a break and allow another facet of the piano's power to come through - dance doesn't always have to be at breakneck speed.

[Review Request Club]

Step responds:

Wow, that's a lot of compliments :D. Being in your opinion one of the top 3 piano artists on the site is a huge compliment for me, and although I think I'm far from it (compare to Reasoner, my piano melodies can be considered doodling...) your review's given me as much inspiration as a guy could ask for :D. You're totally right about adding some vocal samples; I really like transitions with well-timed vocal samples, and you're also right about adding that calm and slow piece, I might do that if I get the time. Thanks a lot for the great review!

Review Request Club

This song has a very nice beat and even though I'm not a hughe fan of reversed cymbals, the drums sound good as well. Okay, the sound quality of the drums isn't that good (it's pretty noticeable that you used a preset), but what the drums are playing sounds good.

I think all the editing you did payed off in the end. While I haven't heard an earlier version of this I think that now the mastering is complete. Everything can be heard just fine and the piano has a very good volume.

Also even though the song is only 2:50 long you added a lot of different parts to this, so the song never gets boring. Good work!

{ Review Request Club }

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Step responds:

Not a huge fan of reversed cymbals? That's a first :P. Well, the drums were just random sounds I got from the Internet. I'm glad the editing payed off, it's something I worked pretty hard on (I didn't ACTUALLY master this. I just twisted a few volume knobs here and there, and ended up with a rather good mix. Anyway, glad you enjoyed my song. It is a little on the short side, but that's the thing about me. When I make a really good song, I can't stand continuing it, and want to submit it ASAP :P. oh well, thanks a lot for the review, and keeping my 10/10 perfect score so far XD.

This is R4R

This song is great! :) you had me dancing around my room.I love it all but the drums dont seem to fit into the song completely in parts. other than that its perfect!



P.S. This is R4R for reviewing my work.

Step responds:

Hey, thanks a bunch for the review XD. Drums don't fit too well since I'm not good enough to make drums sound better with mixer effects and the like. IMO, the beats weren't bad, but I think more dancey-ish drum samples would've been better than drum sounds from a drum kit. Oh well, thanks again for the review!

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4.35 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2009
3:18 PM EDT
File Info
6.4 MB
2 min 50 sec

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