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Ok sorry it took forever to finish but im finally done... I just kept getting sidetracked with other projects. Hope you like it :)

Leave comments please o.O



Looks ike someone seems to have wrote their life story about this song of yours already. :) I'll keep mind less informative so to speak.

This is a weird song. It kinda gives me a vibe similar to a old trance song I heard before. Those bells are a interesting idea to your song, but I feel some parts don't belong. At the mellow quiet parts it works just fine. Your song is called "energy" but it seems to be in contrast to what I imagine.

I would have liked the trance lead to actually lead the song. It seemed to play a background role more so than the lead. Of course this would mean that you would have to change up the patterns it is playing.

Your transitions are getting a bit more fluent. Thank you loud boom splash fx. Seems to get the job done most of the time. However 1:52 I'm confused. This last portion just didn't seem to mesh with your song. Its chaotic, but still not quite energetic. Kudos on the weird digital sounds.

Overall I can see you are trying to be more original. Being original is easy, but sounding original as well as good is a extremely tough thing to do. For the most part your song was original as well as good sounding, but some parts were just original weird to me. 9/10 and 5/5. GL in school.

Bye for now

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Elph responds:

Thanks for review :)


Omfg.... mmmburgers, what a complete review.. xD
nice song but the way.


Very nice synths. Very nice bell. :D It's so clear. The melody is really catchy and the structure is great.

Good work, keep it up!



Elph responds:

Thanks Brando :D

Pretty good!

Hey man, got your message :)

This song is pretty catchy i really like it, the bells you have are really nice. Great choice, honestly this track kinda reminds me of christmas haha. Maybe it's because of the bell sounds I don't know. But the bells are good dude. The sequences are pretty nice with the saws in the intro. Did you use sequences? Or did you put those together yourself? But yeah they're good. The arp at 2:04 is good, but maybe you could of add some variation to it so to make it more interesting. It's good though, it would of been better it had more variation to it. I like the bassline you used, it gives it a kind of... Dark feel. If you know what i mean, well that's how i hear it as. Great stuff.

The kick was nice, I liked it alot too. It was thumpin through my headphones which is good. Those hi hats are amazing bro, they sound so sexy haha. They were just at the right levels, usually in songs i hear the hi hats are to loud and such. But on your tune they were just at the right levels which were great. The crash was real nice too, nothing really else to say about the crash it's good as it is. You should add a nice clap to complement the kick that would of really topped it off. Also you should maybe change up your kick pattern too instead of having it just "thump - thump - thump - thump" through out the whole thing you know?. Maybe one thing you could of added was some snare rolls, to make the song more interesting. Plus it would give your build up more enegery to the main leads.

Speaking of build ups....

I feel your build ups could use a little bit more, to me they sounded kinda plain. You could of done alot more to it. To give it that extra "oomph" if you get what i mean haha. Maybe some kick rolls too? Just some ideas. You could of added a high pass filter to make it sound a little bit better when its building up. Hmm, but yeah. Your build up was okay, the breakdowns could of been a bitter better/longer too.

The length of the song was alright, but it kinda felt a little short to me. It could be a little bit longer, then you would have time to make the build ups longer and more epic, and the climaxes alot better. Your climax wasnt so great, i felt it wasnt ear pleasing enough. The melodies were good though, you just need a better climax melody. Your outro was kinda plain too, it ended kind of sudden. The melody plays, then just suddenly stops. You could had it die it a bit more smoothly such as changing up the melody more and more untill the melody is plain and simple.

Well yeah, the song is great overall. I really like those melodies, there catchy and fun. The arps were good, bells were a nice choice. Hi hats were sexy, crash was nicely done, the kick was nice and thumpin. Bad climax melody, bad outro. Decent song structure. I give this song and overall score of... 9/10. The score was pretty low, i 5'd it and it stands at a 3.90. Which i think is NOT what this song deserves. I think this song should at least deserve a 4.30 score. if that, sucks you got bombed. I'll try 5 this song every chance i get just to help you out. And because I'm a nice guy like that. Haha.

Well thats all i really gotta say about this song, i hope you enjoyed my long review haha ;). Send me another message if you want me to review some new songs you put up. I would be more than happy to do that. If i got some spare time (like i do now) I'll review as soon as i get your message. Probably, haha. Keep up the great work though. Your song kinda inspires me to make some new originals :D. Thats all i gotta say, good job bro. Review some of my songs too aye? Haha.


Elph responds:

JEEZ! lol.

Im going to respond to everything you said because i got nothin goin on lol.

-They were pre-made sequences with Sytrus but i played around with the sound a bit to get what i was looking for.

-I did actually spend a bit of time mastering this song, so good to hear that the
HiHats were sexy :)

-The kick was just a Default kick from VEC2 with soundgoodizer to it :) but i did like its thumpability.

-clap would have been nice, but i was thinking that maybe to much would've been going on and people wouldnt focus on the melody, i guess if i set it low enough it would be there but wouldnt disturb everything else.

-I do admit that i should have spent more time on intros and the outro. :(

-Thanks for 5 and glad that i kinda inspired you to make some originals :)

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