I Has Eaten a Toastr for Lunch

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Only for metal heads, really. If you dont like metal than dont listen to it and dont judge. AND dont be a douche and vote 0-2 if you just want to blam me because i actually know this song isnt crap, just the quality because i have to use Tuxguitar's sythesysed instruments and not have a recording studio, comment if you like!



wooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaah hhh

Lol Sauce.

The entire listening to this song reminded me of playing Sega. Good times.

@MistaAyzee: You claim you're in a band. Well good for you darling, but your problem is, you don't know music. Yes, the quality blows ass (no offense) but rather listening to skill, you crap out and score low because of quality of the song. I will agree with you that quality and skill go hand in hand in some cases. Like where people can AFFORD the equipment to record at bitching quality, but just suck at music. THOSE people deserved to get their heads bashed in. But when someone ACTUALLY tries with shitty recording equipment, you give an A for effort. So they can go out and actually BUY the instruments and melt your face. /end rant

It wasn't bad, some parts were a little ":/" But other than that good work. Might I suggest though, when creating another song, use something a little easier on the ears, guitar wise and maybe organ/synth wise. Guitar Pro 5.2, I use that when tabbing, and well shit, you can even record in Real Sound... with their REAL SOUND ENGINE :D.... I should be a salesman for these people, but I digress. High five on good work.



hooglese responds:

thanks, but i dont think you understand my cash problem, i REALLY dont have any money, like none and the money i do get is towards food and education and my 5 string savings, cant wait till i get it


1. sparatic

A moment in which shit goes down in a dark room with music on preferably with a hot girl, depending on your sexual preference; that makes that moment incredibly better than it was a few seconds ago.
"yo, me and juliet where having a great time in my basement when this amazing sparatic moment happend which made everything so much better."
"sparatic moments are the BEST!"

Or in this case MistaAyzee feels like your tempo is the THE BEST & not only that he wants shit to go down in a dark room with the music playing. The tempo will be there in the basement as well. =)

But THAT word only exists in the urban dictionary. Unless he means, "sporadic".

Guess he doesn't get the math when it comes to the tempo in your song.

The bass line fucks my pussy and then I cum all over your Synth band.


If this was done with real instruments(you know what I mean) I would have given this a 10 but it can get a lil' annoying unless your really into that kinda sound. (Doom, Double Dragon, Metal Gear Etc...) That 8bit nintendo sound

I like the "fake" thrash machine

Just because your in a "metal band" doesn't mean you know music or it's genre

Other than that, my invisible top hat is off to you,

P.S. I know how it is being without loads of cash but if you can jam with what you got...that's all that really matters.

This would be a good soundtrack for a Nintendo game. If you made more that is.

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I seem to have

voted a two
for a few reasons
the guitar tone was not very well done
and the tempo is very sparatic, the keys/organ/whaterver takes away from the heavieness

and worst of all, the fake thrash machine gun guitar sound is HORRID
just work on it a bit

I am in a metal Band

so just because I do not post metal
do not assume i do not know metal

you get a two out of five
and a four out of ten

hooglese responds:

Dude did you read the discription?! Fuck i cant fucking afford to record it the machine gun guitar build isnt THAT bad, its math, i hade to use synths that suck and THERES NO ORGAN and i listened to your 1000 cuts thats pretty fucking shitty and is mostly CCCCCCCCC on bass listen to Protest The Hero, i can play alot of there songs, then talk to me about musicical ability


All I could think of with the opening bass was "Hand Cramp!" but it sounded cool. Your style of metal is awesome and intense. But the fact that you used synths really degraded the metal feeling. You can have synth bass and drums, but the guitar has to be genuine. But, man, your style is hardcore. I mean, you don't really have to be in a recording studio. If you actually have a guitar, then you can record yourself with a mike and computer. I personally just use Audacity for recording and FL Studio for the drums and bass.

If you can spend the time on a synth program to make this, my way shouldn't be too hard.

Can't wait to hear more from you, and good luck.


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hooglese responds:

Thanks for the advice, and if you want i can send the tab to you, the song is ALOT easier than it sounds, kinda like wretch by protest the hero, well atlest the bass of wretch

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