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Big Red - No Time

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I was going to re-record this with a Newgrounds beat but I don't have the original recordings of the chorus and I love them so I'm leaving it as is. The beat is from A Tribe Called Quest. This is an older song of mine, one of the first ones to be recorded seriously. There's a lot I would change about it now, but it's still got some soul and I'm just going to leave it as is. Enjoy!


I was born legs flying like Mr. C. Wyle,
Had a nice tight vision never let it pass by me,
Coulda sworn I had a goal, found a holy grail to chase
Would have stopped diggin the hole if I recognized the place
But the devil changed her face and fixed the race.
Now I'm trippin on my lace when it smacked me numb
What I thought I was running to I was actually running from.
Success was just a way to fill the gaps
Excuse the lack of rest and breathe with rats
Settle for the now in hopes of better future
Put away your cash n' maybe later get a suture.
I'm tired of lying and putting it off
I want tomorrow today or I'm quitting the job
That's a rule that I live by
I got no regrets the day I die.

My pen is running out of ink, I got no time to stop and think.
I got a package of mail to deliver before I let the drinks seep down to my liver.

People will abuse, lose, and use you like a drive through
But they ain't riding no car they ride you!
Nose glued to the train tracks
Seems like you push 'em and the push back (every fuckin time)
Listen, I've always held the key to upper class
and getting smashed, I thought it'd get me places
But it left me on my ass several times now I'm blind
To the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
So I put my shades on to keep my eyes away from the sun
There's not enough for everyone
And no one wants to share it, that is a fact
When all you see is smiles you know they're putting on an act
Cause they're clowns with masks cheatin tests just to pass,
Beatin their chests or struttin their ass. To them
Life's just a chance to show off what you'll lose when you die!

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another fine fine song. u keep dealing out these beautiful tunes, ill keep listening. that last line is pretty sweet also, thats a crazy ass thought. about how life is just showing off wat u lose when u die. i love stuff about mortality, makes u think. ur a poet bro.

BigRed responds:

Mortality is fascinating/overwhelming. I think about it a lot. Thanks for zee review!

like your songs : )

keep it up

BigRed responds:


Great Song Bro.

Its a great song bro. Really catchy and stays on track. Unlike othersongs. Even though im not big on songs with Profanity, I like this song.

BigRed responds:

Thanks B. I actually try to keep my profanity down, I see it as a crutch in writing (ie to fill up rythms and keep the flow.) It's easy to throw swears in whenever you need to fill up some space. I have nothing wrong with swearing if it's needed though. Glad you enjoyed the song!

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Oct 26, 2009
3:23 PM EDT
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