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Hey guys!

New hands-up track by me. I uploaded a wip of this a while back but never got around to finishing it.

Zolzer: http://zolzer.newgrounds.
com/ (remove Space) as kind enough to mix it for me. So please go check his stuff out :D!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Defenatly my new theme song.

This song is an amazing work of art! It just has so much emotion, and it inspires you to just... I donno... fly? Well what-ever, it makes me want to do something incredible, you know what I mean? I guess you do, but this song is... (*sigh*) EPIC! (The word epic is overused all the freaken time.) Because it really is! I'm making this my theme song! This song is the shiz. This kind of tallent deserves a stick of gum, Ok? Like, FOR REAL! Awsome job!

The absolute best

I was going to say a lot of things. Basically, jsut read Illidanek's post. This song is absolutely the most awesome in history. The first time I listened, I was like "this song's okay." Months later and I can't keep it out of my head. I was thinking about what to say, had a nice review to write, and then this guy comes along and steals the words from me. Anyway, there's no way to express it in words. You rock, this song rocks, it's just inexpressibly awesome.

I personally think this is one of your best works. It just doesn't get any better than this. Not to say you can't do better, but NO ONE can do better. It is THE PERFECT song. Totally, completely, incredibly, impossibly good. Whenever I'm feeling down, it gets me up. You could sell it on the street as an alternative to drugs. You'd probably be better off in a well-deserved professional music job :P

Keep it up man, keep it real. You deserve a cookie for this song.

A song with a soul

I have been thinking for months about what i could possibly say on the review for this song. And i know that whatever I would say would neverrr reflect on what this songs is really worth.

Firstly, I have to say that I've had this since you posted it and i've probably come back and rated it 5 around 30 times by now (dono why zerobombers are on u all of a sudden).
So it has been bout 2 months i had this now and I realised that its one of those songs wich is not great at first, then u realise its really cool after 3 listens, u start loving it after 10, and it just keeps getting better (had a similar thing with The Beginning by Brand0).

Dude this song is the most sensual, full of emotion, heartopening, worldchanging Masterpiece ever.

Seriously this just opens a new world for me, it transports me somewer else. It genuinely feels like this is soo deep that this world we live in doesn't exist when this plays. It's not like other emotional songs which remind you of one thing, or one feeling, stuff like that. This one actually puts it all together and doesn't create (or recreate) an image in my head, but just creates a Life, a new dimension, it could be called.
I dono how i cud really put this but this truly has become a part of me, a part of my life.

Every part of this is perfect, you can see that you put in to this loadz of emotion and it has put out probably even more. It evokes feelings that really have no words.

This song is what makes the sun get up in the morning, it is what makes the snow petals glitter, the stars shine, it is why a heart begins to beat, why the earth spins, why a soul leaves a body, why light is present in the dark.
It is the answer to all the questions and it is a question itself.

I don't expect any song or anything in that matter to reach what Amplify has reached. You did something amazing, you created a miracle, a song that can no longer be called a song, or a piece, or anything. There is no name for this because it is the divine, one and only miracle by LK.

Often wen i listen to songs i think whether they would do for the last song ever played, the song playing just before the world ends, and no song ever fit perfectly to be that veryy last one. Until one day i realised that this song is the song. Seriously this one fits perfectly, it has an amazingly weird sense of happiness inside it, which reveals the true happiness at the very bottom of ur heart and it has the best build up, and a semi-sudden ending.
I really think the world will end with this song playing dud and that wud be a perfect ending.

Dud u shud seriously be called a saint just for creating this i dono how else i cud put this but i hope this gets it pretty close, love you man,


LK412 responds:

I can't believe i missed this.

Usually people say "speechless" when they are reviewing a song.

I never though i'd say it when responding to a review.

Thank you so much for reviewing man, i'm speechless.

Nice song =)

Nice song, and it takes exactly 8000 ko in my comp! Anyway, seems like this is your best track yet. It also reminds me of much of chungstarr tracks (wich I all adore)

LK412 responds:

Haha thanks dude!


AWESOME song! You hit the sweet spot, I really like this, it's really catchy, really awesome buildup! :D

LK412 responds:

Thanks a bunch!

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Oct 25, 2009
7:20 PM EDT
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