POWER of 4

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POWER of 4
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Hello Newgrounds! This is the final song in my experimental series. This time I mixed all shapes I've used in the previous songs (square, triangle, sawtooth and sine, plus hissing). I'm really glad how it turned out, and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

You can listen to the other songs in the series here:




I'm going to give you a ten for this :D Everything about this track, I love. The drums sound something halfway between a marching snare and a skipping record, which is an awesome combination. The (I guess) sine waves in the beginning sounded kind of spacey, but around :30 when they stopped temporarily I had no idea what the sound reminded me of.

That's something I like about this song. It doesn't sound familiar, so it can't make me picture anything realistic. I could use more music like this when I write, I can assure you some weird things would result :P

Anyway... love this song! I think I can say it's my personal favorite of yours! Massive <3 to you! I hope to see more of this sort of experimenting!

- Lamp

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ReFreezed responds:

Yay, ten!

I noticed the triangle and the sine sounds kinda similar here. The sine got a bit more bass and resonance in it.

Uniqueness, and weirdness, ftw. This song just came out naturally for me. I have no idea what exactly I was thinking when I made it. Hehe...

I'll surely do more experiments in the future, though I just do what pops into my head. It could be anything, even another song of this kind. Anyway, I'm really glad you like this track that much. :D

- The big blue R

I believe.

People are reviewing off opinions...

I do believe opinions should help guide your review, but they shouldn't judge the rating you give it. As I give 9's all the time this is why: I rate the song on how it's composed, I give it a 1 - 9. When I give a song a 10, it's the kind of song that truly impresses me to no end, and goes on my zune to be listened to time after time... 100's and thousands of times.

Now onto the actual review:

This is definitely the best of the series... and I disagree with tyzone and trancik (even though I can't see any review from him)...

The melody is downright awesome. The composing is really great. I like your modulations to the X and Y on the... I think sq? Maybe?

The melodies flowed amazingly with each other. The bass was execptionally great, and with every ReF song out there, the drums sounded pretty amazing.

Everything was great here...

My ratings:

9/9 construction wise
.7 on enjoyability scale (highest is 1)
5/5 (Just cause you always get one from me)

Excellent job with these! Sad to see the series end.

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ReFreezed responds:

Trancik's review seems to have been deleted. He was an evil troll. :'(

Anyway, I agree with what you say about opinions affecting reviews and scores. A review should be about the song itself, and not really about how you personally though of it.

I did make quite a lot of use of low-pass filters and resonance for several shapes. I've found out that it gives the song much more life.

Heh. Who would've though that random white noise would make such good drums?

Thanks a lot for a long real review!! :D

And only because the series has ended doesn't mean I won't make these kind of songs anymore, but I want to focus more on more advanced things now. I probably learned something from this too. :)


first thing to say,trancik,you're retarded.it's true that it could be better,but comments like yours are retardeds...i'll give a 6.song isn't taht good,but it's better than nothing.and sorry trancik,but this song is better than your balls.

ReFreezed responds:

Well, thank you.

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